Be bold

You know, sometimes I just want to see women kicking some arse and inviting priests into a threesome…

**Vikings spoilers and violence**

(also I could not find a way to stop this instagram video from auto-looping, click it again to stop it)

I have message for you… #timesup #womensmarch

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When people say ‘fight like a girl’, I couldn’t agree more.

What is a woman’s place in this world?

Is it to be docile, compliant, or simply silent.


The gods have bigger plans for you, I swear it.

You are bold.

You are strong.

You’re cunning.

You are wise.

You are sharp from keeping constant watch.

You are powerful for making your voice heard.

Your place may be as a warrior or as a queen.

But only you hold the reigns to that destiny.


Be bold.

And the gods will carry you to greatness with no-one strong enough to stop you.

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  1. William Moulton Marston, psychologist and creator of Wonder Woman, wrote: “frankly, Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who, I believe, should rule the world.” He was of the opinion that women would run the world by 2050. He was pretty outspoken and many of his views were a little kooky, but others have proven to be decades ahead of his time.

    The old views of the ‘place’ of women are beyond irrelevant today. I’m not sure that Marston will be right about women ruling the world, but I do believe gender will become increasingly less relevant in regard to what a person is viewed to be capable of.

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