Showing off what’s mine

This post is sparked by Nlikes recent post where he put up pictures of a gorgeous woman he has a long distance communication going with.

In a similar way, I like to show off what’s mine. Even if it’s not really mine. Or only mine in a sense or for a little while. It’s not just about appreciation, though there is that certainly. ‘Appreciation’ is just “Look, here’s a thing, isn’t it nice?”: Its relationship to ME is irrelevant.

Showing off what’s mine is wrapped up in ego and vanity and a level of proprietary *ownership* that has a feeling of “You can look, I WANT you to look, but yeah, it’s MINE” pridefulness going on around it. It’s different from the normal pride I have when someone I know has done something amazing and I tell everyone – that pride is about sharing goodness, it’s a less selfish kind of pride. This kind feels immature in a lot of ways.

When I showed off a beautiful photo of my ex-boy in rope, when I showed off the pretty thing (holy fuck, the pretty thing!), there was a strong feeling of ‘showing off what’s mine’.

I actually felt a similar thing when I had my ex-boy write on the blog: I love how he writes so much I could bathe in it. “Look, look… MINE!”

In my head, it feels like I put them on display, with a fence around them. And I’m ready to protect the fence. You can step *this* close, and no closer. Look, but don’t touch. Speak about, but not to. Flirt around, but not with. BECAUSE I WILL CUT YOU!! *laugh*

And there are degrees of it. I draw lines, arbitrarily and at my whim. The pretty thing sent me lots of photos, and he glowed when I showed him off. He’d have been happy enough if I had shared more. But the outside world can only have so much. The rest is just for me. Really, it’s mine. MINE. You can’t have it, see it, touch it, breathe on it… MINE!

Those other bits though: Holy fuck, I know right? MINE!

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  1. Oh, it must be nice to be shown off as being owned by someone. I have not yet had that feeling. I think perhaps it would make me feel special but also maybe a little shy and self-conscious. I blush easily and shy away so that is how I would see it anyway.

    I think it is nice how you show off what is yours. It shows your pride in it which is important in my opinion. I hope that one day someone feels that proud of me to have me.


    1. I have had a tiny little bit of experience with being “shown off,” and you’re right about it being a mix of feeling special that someone is proud to show you off and feeling shy, bashful, and self-conscious. It’s a surprisingly good mix of feelings; I think the feelings of shyness in a way make it feel even better.

      I want to get back to belonging to someone, and them wanting to show me off. I really want that feeling of being someone’s prized possession that they can’t help but want to show off.

      1. @Mystic: “I think perhaps it would make me feel special but also maybe a little shy and self-conscious.”

        @Neophyte: “I think the feelings of shyness in a way make it feel even better.”

        This is incredibly sweet from the other side too… just sayin’.


  2. “Speak about, but not to. Flirt around, but not with. BECAUSE I WILL CUT YOU”

    Cos you know Fern’s isn’t violent or a sadist or anything *smirk*

  3. Thanks for the link-y love, Ferns. One of the hottest parts of my post, for me (and for Sofia) was the part where I stamped my name on each of those pictures, making ownership crystal-clear – and LEGAL, even.

  4. Oh Fern, you’ve done it again. You’ve so completely read my mind, I’m seriously beginning to consider an X-ray to find the chip you must have had planted …
    I get you… And it’s so cool you’re out there, being you! Awesome post!
    MINE!! Absolutely!

    1. You’ll never find that chip… never!! Bwuhahahahaha!!!

      Thank you for your lovely comment! And I’m glad you can relate, I love it when people get me *smile*!


  5. Like Mysticlez, I have not had the experience of being shown off as prized property.

    Actually, this concept-being owned in a Femdom context-is new to me. But I would feel proud to be the property of a Dominant Woman. I would be happy to call her my owner.

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