What is making you smile today?

Things that are making me smile today…


My new favourite term: Carly-Simoning – present participle of Carly-Simon (Verb)
Origin: I made it up! Related to the song “You’re so vain“, and particularly the line, “You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this song is about you…”

Definition: When you think something is about you, but it’s not, you are Carly-Simoning.
Usage: I wasn’t even talking about you! You are completely Carly-Simoning!
Note: Carly-Simoning is the new black…


My 11yo niece thinking I am awesome and actually asking me for music suggestions.


Being able to tell people I went to the film premiere for a porn film.


Someone discovering obscure Australian music that I never expect anyone outside of the country to hear:


This t-shirt (does this t-shirt make my nipples look big?)

Yeah, my breasts are poetry-challenged:

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don’t make sense


This song:


OMG adorable:





Drinking too much at lunch on a Thursday.


Edited to add:

Being compared to Wanda Sykes because “like you she can make ‘fuck, shit, cock, balls’ and whatever seem all flowery and light-hearted. Ninja.” Ha! “Ninja”… Words cannot express how much I love that!


Inappropriate wearing of my awesome new harness (that is not a picture of me, btw!)

My amazing new corset:

This *is* me…
(and when someone else does up the corset, oh my, my waist gets tiny tiny fabulous…):

Ferns corset


This is not me (but the photo better shows off the gorgeous corset):

So, what’s making you smile today?

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  1. Things making me smile today, in no particular order:

    1. Sweetness-Wanting-Fucking loops
    2. Sweet boys, including owned boys, friend boys, and generally nice boys
    3. Slightly tipsy Ferns and her slightly tipsy tweets.

  2. I know that T-shirt says something.
    I know there’s letters forming words with probably some meaning… that I just don’t give a fuck about because… because… you know…

  3. I firmly approve of nippleage (it’s TOTALLY a word) and corsetage (ditto) music not so much!


    P.S. cept Carly Simon

      1. Nothing makes me happy as a twue DOMME! I always appear icy cold (or possibly rather constipated depending on the viewer)


  4. As a male Dominant, I must say that I don’t find sexy at all that animated gif of the kissing.
    Not at all.
    Well.. may be a bit.
    A little tiny bit…


    1. *laugh* I completely understand… it is an abomination and shouldn’t be allowed!!

      I mean look at it… just… look… look… *sigh*.


    1. “Yay! I remember discussing corset pictures ages ago XD”

      Yes, blurry and such, but delivered!!

      Oh, cute song (*mumble* for country)!


    1. Yes!! New lipstick and new earrings are most assuredly happy-making!

      Oh, the Umbilical Brothers… fun! You know they are Australian, right?!


  5. Dear Ferns,
    Is it possible to turn genuine medical pain into something better, into pain you can pretend came from your Domme?

    Sorry if this is a drugged out senselss thing. The anasthetic hasnt worn off yhet.

  6. What is making you smile today?:

    Well, so far today (and here the day is almost over), about the only thing that has made me smile is receiving your post from “The Domme Chronicles” !! Thanks! ;-)

  7. You made me smile today. I came back a few times to watch the golden groovin to the guitar!

    Three boys took me to dinner tonight and had me smiling and laughing all night.

    The sun was bright and the wind strong enough to carry my hair off my back.

    And I’m officially having corset envy. That is one GORGEOUS corset! LOVE IT!

    1. “You made me smile today. I came back a few times to watch the golden groovin to the guitar!”

      Ha! Isn’t that dog completely adorable?

      Oh, I love your other smiley things, thank you for sharing them!

      “That is one GORGEOUS corset! LOVE IT!”

      Thank you! I love it too… I am normally a black, black and black person, but I just love how that red in it looks.


  8. omg…that Golden is awesome. I have lately developed a love for funny or cute animal videos. I felt it was too common for me before. Im afraid to admit it publicly though. It might ruin my rep.

    whoa…really HOT chest/nips. Damn.

    hmmm…..right now I am made happy because I am done my painting for the weekend and am looking forward to relaxing, hitting the gym and playing with my fella tomorrow. And going out to eat. I have been far too good all week.


    1. “I have lately developed a love for funny or cute animal videos.”

      *smile* I can totally get joy out of them! Welcome to epic time wastage!

      “whoa…really HOT chest/nips. Damn.”

      Thank you!

      Your end-of-week sounds like it is going to be much fun! Yay you!


  9. Ferny Fern Ferns,

    Though I saw the preview already, the corset is awesome. Yep. Love it and love you in it.

    Re logo-challenged, hmmm. Vertigo. Made me tilt my head and ponder, as all good “literature” does. However, after much correlation and regression analysis, I’ve decided the answer to your question is “yes”, which isn’t a bad thing. :-)

    Kissing. Whoa. Hot! Even if it’s only animated. And, no “F-bombs” around to ruin the mood. Happy, happy, happy.

    Christmas is, of course, long since over, however, where I live, we’re about to experience the coldest part of the year. Thus, my smile of the day was finding *this*. (See below.) Also, right afterward, I found a foot stompin’ thaaang that had me two-stepping and dancing around the house. Naked. ‘Cause its laundry day.

    Well, okay, yeah… I suppose I could have put some clothes on. But, “The Devil” makes me want to strap on a pair of boots and do the sexy. Then again, maybe I’m just in one of those moods today. ‘Tis a good thing I don’t drink much. Could lead to very embarrassing sights otherwise. :-)

    Winter Wonderland – Charlie Worsham

    The Devil I Know – Charlie Worsham


    1. “the corset is awesome. Yep. Love it and love you in it.”

      Thank you! I love it also!

      “… a foot stompin’ thaaang that had me two-stepping and dancing around the house. Naked.”

      Thank you for the songs. Much fun!

      And yay for dancing around the house naked!


  10. Yes I know they are Australian.
    Thank you so much for commenting on my previous comment.

    Need to get on with some cleaning here.;-)

    1. Aww… it was the golden retriever wasn’t it? AND WHO COULD BLAME YOU?!!!

      But wait… why weren’t you looking at my breasts?!! Hmmpphh!


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