Sunday Curiosity #6 – Ask my boy

Thank you to everyone who asked my boy a question in last week’s Sunday Curiosity… it was much fun and we had some interesting discussions about some of it. I struggled with giving up editorial control (a control freak, me?!) – it was quite difficult for me to be comfortable with having another voice here and letting it speak (about me and us) without influence. I did manage to get over it, so his voice, invited by me and expected by you, is here unedited.

So, here we go… my boy’s Q&A:

Note: The views outlined below are not

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Marking territory – his perspective

This is my boy’s version of Marking territory, thank you baby.

She and I will separate tomorrow morning, so kneeling in the bathtub in front of her, while she showers, I want to be slapped, to get stunned out of the depression I feel already creeping up on me. Sometimes when I am kneeling and move to kiss her body, to slip my tongue into her, she will hold my head and position me just so, in preparation to slap my face, and now I move to do so, kissing gently, offering her my face, her head and … Continue Reading

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The other kiss goodbye

This is my boy’s perspective of our Kiss Goodbye.

Thank you baby.

I am still unused to the new rule — before leaving you, I am to kneel bedside, arms behind my head, and say “thank you, Ma’am” — so I am nervous and concentrating hard on that process, hoping that I do it right, hoping that my knees don’t hurt too much on the wood floor, hoping that I am maintaining a good enough posture, hoping that you are pleased with me, and I am expecting to be — in just a minute or so — leaving … Continue Reading

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