History revisited

Last year I received this email out of the blue.  I hope that you might by chance remember me… We met online some years ago, 90’s. Your tag was SweetAs… I asked you what you were Sweet as and your reply was chocolate ice cream melting on a summer day. My name is [redacted]. You and I enjoyed a lot of correspondence. […]

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Sometimes I feel like my entire life is a performance for some unknown audience outside of myself.  I had a good cry this morning. Like you do when shit happens.  I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and wondered who it was for.  If I write about it here, was it for you, dear readers? […]

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Still single, just sayin’

I’ve been getting cute little congratulations about this very misleading post.  It’s super sweet and I do appreciate that people are happy about my apparent coupledom.  BUT…  In case you missed it, Drew is gay. Like Double Gold Star gay, as gay as the day is long (and I mean days-at-the-North-Pole-in-the-middle-of-summer kind of long). Still, I’m putting together a registry for cute couples gifts. […]

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How great would it be if…

… the accounts with a label of ‘dominant woman’ that have obviously stolen super-hot pictures and wank-text would all hook up with the mindless horny idiots who drool over them. Online-only, of course, because duh. Those dudes could wank away together forever with the hot sexy chat and stupidity and be perfectly happy and leave the rest of us alone. Case in point: *’Woman’ […]

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End of year roundup: Top five plus nude

As a proper blogger (shut up, I am!), I’m supposed to do some kind of summary, maybe some stats, deep thoughts for the year, some goals for next year, that sort of thing. Maybe even *gasp* GRAPH PORN! But I’m spectacularly unmotivated to do any of that, so instead, here is a list of my most popular posts of 2016:  When your submissive says ‘no’ Advice for the newly minted submissive man seeking What happens if your submissive disobeys? Which strap-on harness? User names and you…  And since I’m much too lazy to do a proper roundup, […]

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Heart stabbing

‘Stabbed Heart’ by Hersson Piratoba

I have a theory about how a lot of us deal with relationships that we know aren’t working, or that won’t work, can’t work. When we feel connected to someone, not even ‘in love’ (though love makes it worse), just… connected somehow, we hang on even when we know we shouldn’t. Maybe it’s a long term relationship that is well past it’s expiration date. […]

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