We talk, we compare notes, we laugh (a lot) [audio]

I recently had the privilege of an audio chat with the fabulous Molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss.

We discussed blogging, D/s, labels, monogamy, confidence, stereotypes, and much more.

We also talked about my Domme Chronicles book which she describes as ‘love letters to submissive men’, plus she calls the stories ‘beautifully written’, which makes me beyond happy.

We laughed a lot. Which made the entire chat a complete delight. Plus Molly has a lovely English accent, if you like that sort of thing (c’mon, who doesn’t like that sort of thing?!).

Random snippets:

“I want to piss off as many people as possible, that’s what I say…”

“My first love was a woman…”

“I don’t play well with others, I don’t share well with others. It’s mine, it’s mine… you can’t have any of it!”

“I loaned my last submissive to another dominant…”

“That boggles my mind!”

“I trawl my local groups every now and then, and events, because I’m like a predator…”

“These men would not heed my warning that I would destroy them…”

“I found BDSM and I went ballistic…”

“I was always too scared to hurt something, to break something in the relationship…”

“All of them drive me crazy…”

“For a young female dominant there’s a lot of power in playing to the stereotypes…”

“Young women suffer so much from having their sexuality boxed and constrained and it’s just another way that we say ‘that’s not okay for you’…”

“It gives me the shits…”

“All of that feels like a tribute to… submissive men”

“Kissing is my favourite…”

>> Listen to us here on Molly’s KissCast <<

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    1. Hope you enjoy it *smile*.

      And thank you for the non-accent acknowledgement, though I DID say ‘gidday’ in there, so I might have blown it…


    1. No sorry, there’s not.

      I actually looked for an online ‘sound to text converter’, but couldn’t find one that looked like it would work (esp with our differing accent/non-accent in the same audio file).


      1. Ty you Ferns, no mine pitched a fit when I tried to run it through it, that or you were both high as kites lol

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