The sex-voiced Texan: a photo

I had this email exchange with the sex-voiced Texan.

Me: Do you have a cowboy hat? You must have one, right? Never you mind why I’m asking…

Him: Of course I do…My curiosity is piqued… But I’ll just answer the question.

Me: Well of course you do! :D And cowboy boots right (that’s a dumb question isn’t it?)?

Him: I’m smiling right now because those questions are very particular. I should have some in my closet!

Me: *laugh* I want a picture of the hat and the boots, cowboy.

To be clear about the nature of our conversations so … Continue Reading

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They look impossibly soft, your lips. Cushiony silken velvet. They beckon me when your mouth forms words. I know you are speaking to me, I’m listening, truly I am. And my eyes will flick up to yours when I answer, when I move the conversation forward, then they will drop to your lips again as you speak to me some more.

I’m hypnotised by the movement of your mouth, the glimpses of your teeth, the slight curl on one side, the sudden flash as your mouth splits into a smile. I smile back, all the appropriate noises happening between us.… Continue Reading

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Ah swear to God…

I mentioned the Texan previously as a boy with a sex voice.

This deep resonance, a hint of adorable self consciousness, a slight Texan drawl (“forty-fahv”), a beautiful laugh.

After I heard his first audio, done at my request, I wanted more of that beautiful voice, so we have exchanged a few more audio clips instead of emails: Making chat, talking about our days, some Q&A, innocent and lovely.

He is ‘aw shucks’ embarrassed that I want to post a clip of him, he said he can’t even listen to it without covering his face and laughing uncomfortably. This suits … Continue Reading

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Boys with sex voices

A few emails exchanged with a Texan boy: he’s smart, fun, there is some light flirtation. He emails a throw-away line after making appreciative compliments about one of my recordings:

“If I had a clip of myself I’d send it to you.”

I tease him back.

“So is it your contention that you have no possible way to record an audio clip? Is that what you are saying?

Or are you saying ‘If I conveniently had one laying around I’d send it, but actually taking 10 minutes to do one is beyond my level of interest’?

Or … Continue Reading

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I want you to be silent

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics is also doing a post on ‘subtle cues’ for our NaBloWriMo project]


I don’t remember how we stumbled upon each other out in the internet void.

I was chatting a lot then, trawling for articulate cyber-sexers, seemingly voracious for that kind of mental masturbation.

His name was Dana, I remember looking him up when he gave me his details, being surprised to find that he was involved in politics. I never asked about his life. We never talked, not really.

Our exchanges were different from any others I’d ever experienced. Ethereal poetry floated hotly between us, the … Continue Reading

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“I’d hate to lose you…”

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics has also done a ‘leash’ post for our NaBloWriMo project]



It was still early, all of us in black, seated around the table. Our appearance might have seemed gothically funereal except for the fact that we were at an Italian restaurant: eating pizza, drinking wine, talking, laughing.

My boy was sitting beside me, young, shy, nervous. Quiet. He wasn’t really mine. Not really. But for the purposes of public consumption, on this night he belonged to me. He wore my collar of simple leather, a silver clip connecting the D-ring to the chain that fell down from … Continue Reading

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Relationships from hell

It had never occurred to me that I might be someone’s ‘relationship from hell’.

I have spoken about my own at times: in my mid-twenties, a relationship with a man who would not give an inch of ground on anything ever and into which I threw a level of rage I’d not have thought I had in me. A relationship that felt like a war zone into which I ran every day with guns blazing, wearing a deep and abiding unhappiness under my clothes, and wondering why I didn’t leave already.

It feels, almost, like a rite of passage, at … Continue Reading

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