Ah swear to God…

I mentioned the Texan previously as a boy with a sex voice.

This deep resonance, a hint of adorable self consciousness, a slight Texan drawl (“forty-fahv”), a beautiful laugh.

After I heard his first audio, done at my request, I wanted more of that beautiful voice, so we have exchanged a few more audio clips instead of emails: Making chat, talking about our days, some Q&A, innocent and lovely.

He is ‘aw shucks’ embarrassed that I want to post a clip of him, he said he can’t even listen to it without covering his face and laughing uncomfortably. This suits me just fine: Men who don’t quite know what sort of power they have are incredibly sweet. Or perhaps he knows exactly what sort of power he has and he is teasing me with it. That suits me just fine also.

Here’s a snippet that makes me smile every time I listen to it: A sexy voice telling me I have a sexy voice… what could be better?



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