Survey 2011 Results part VII

Yes, I AM still posting survey results!! It will never end… NEVER, I TELL YOU!!!

Free text answers to my question:

Why do you read my blog?

Straight Male Submissive, 18-35

Graph porn obviously! Plus the grocery lists

Obviously, I don’t know why I even asked the question! Silly me!

Heteroflexible Male Submissive, 18-35

I wish I was your submissive, even though it will never happen that thought plays into a fantasy where I can serve the perfect Domme, lovingly and completely.

Awww, that’s so sweet, thank you for the lovely compliment, though just quietly… the ‘perfect Domme’ thing… I think I would disavow you of that notion pretty damn quickly!

Straight Male Submissive, 36-45

I love the way You write.

Thank you *smile*, and I love it when other people love it… mutual love-fest!

Straight Male Submissive, 46-55

Great writing style, posts are entertaining, hot, and insightful. What more could one ask for?

You couldn’t ask for anything more, truly! Except photos of sexy shoes and nudity… heeeeyyyy, I’m bringin’ it!

Straight Male Submissive, 46-55

For pleasure and to relax. To learn, to comment

I hope I am giving you much of all of those, and I always love comments… thank you for them!

Straight Male Switch, 46-55

The intimacy associated with the Dominance feels real and heartfelt.. and totally resonates.

I’m pleased that it feels that way to you… to me also, and I do love when things resonate with others.

Pansexual Male Switch, 18-35

I like your blog and read it frequently. I rarely comment because I feel intimidated when you point out my ignorance in your reply. It is not your fault that you are so much smarter than I. I appreciate your clever writing.

Oh nooo… I apologise unreservedly for making you feel intimidated. I love comments, and hate to think that I have discouraged you from them. If I am pointing something out that I disagree with (and I do, and will), I never mean to hit you over the head with a sledgehammer… it should be more like a gentle tap on the arse…! Please come and comment again… *makes cooing noises*

Straight Male Submissive, 46-55

Articulate, sensible, prolific dominant women aren’t easy to find. I’ve grown fond of you.

*smile* Thank you for the loveliness and I will happily take the fondness and tuck it away in my pocket.

Straight Female Dominant, 18-35

It’s nice to read about another dominant woman who sounds like a real person (has a sense of humor, is affectionate toward people who bottom to her), instead of a stereotype.

Yay! We are out there fiercely shaking fists at the terrible stereotypes… I am glad to see you!!

Loves: 1
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  1. Time to move beyond excel to that analytic software for qualitative data!

    Hmmmm one of these personas sounds eerily familiar! If I could only remember my age and sexual preferences!

  2. DC: “Time to move beyond excel to that analytic software for qualitative data!”

    Are you volunteering? Kudos!

    “Hmmmm one of these personas sounds eerily familiar! If I could only remember my age and sexual preferences!”

    *smile* Aww, see, I know you think I'm perfect and want to be my submissive… that was you, right?


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