Sunday curiosity: Survey 2011 Results part I

A huge thank you (again!) to everyone who participated in my recent survey. There were around 250 respondents (wow!). That’s a considerable increase over last year (see, if I had done a graph, that would have been a much more interesting factlet!).

My blog has changed quite a bit in the last year, as have my circumstances, so I was keen to see how that was reflected in the responses. Personally, I have become more open, I think, in what I share, however I also have less sexy sex blog content due to the fact that I ain’t gettin’ any and for that, you all have to pay!

So here we go with the first of the graph porn… wheeee… graph porn!!

This is relatively similar to last year, the 0.8% ‘other’ group included genderfluid and genderqueer. Oddly, there was also someone who said ‘neither’ then self identified as a male (bless your little cotton socks…).


My readers overall are a little older than last year, with slightly fewer 18-35s and a pretty even spread of increase in the older age groups. The tiny little sliver is a young ‘un of whom we shall not speak (go and do your homework, young man!!).


There was an increase of about 4% in straight readers, which I guess makes sense given that I identify as straight. There was a corresponding decrease spread over the other categories.


Significantly fewer switches (nearly 10%) and almost a corresponding rise in submissives (7%). Go on, admit it. I made you switches change your mind, didn’t I? No need to answer, I know it’s true…


So now to put some of this together, you folks look like this (aren’t you pretty?!):

More boys more boys more boys!!! There are now 10% more submissive men reading (hello there!) than last year. The number of dominant women is about the same. Fewer switches and general kinksters…


A little closer look at the male submissives and female dominants specifically as the biggest groups now.

Of the male submissives, about 65% are straight, and about 25% are heteroflexible. Just over 31% are aged between 46-55 and about 29% are between 18-35. About 18% are in my age group of 36-45. This split is nearly exactly the same as last year. I find it a little odd… where are the men from 36-45? Should I become a cougar?

Overall, the female dominants are a bit younger, with about 40% in the 18-35 age group and about the same in the 36-45 group. About 40% are straight, with about 22% being heteroflexible.

As a note, my dominant male audience has grown by 100%, there are now two of you! Yay!!

There will be more graph porn to come (yay!), and of course the free text fields are really the most fun, but there are the basics *~happy graph porn sigh~*.

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  1. Ferns,

    Oh! Pretty graph porn! Very well done! Now, if you could just negotiate with Microsoft… you know, to have real-time DC graph updates available from anywhere in the world… “in the cloud”, Office 360, and all that yayo… I think you'd be the next, fundamentally essential feature in their office productivity suite. Microsoft Office Professional with Domme Chronicles extensions. Has quite a nice ring to it, I think. Mind you, it's possible such an extension could cause office productivity to plummet, though I can't imagine why. 'Twould be an interesting case study none-the-less. :-)

    Thank you for the pretty graphs and analysis,


  2. Ahhhh always good to know where I stand (one of the 5.9 per 100 that are male switches.) Of course, we are few remaining ones who haven't yet succumbed to your power to 'flip switches.' :)

    Thanks for sharing the results. Looking forward to more!

  3. I do love graph porn. I think I annoy my friends with all the stats I'm always putting together and telling them. :)

    Anyway, THESE graphs are great! Thank you for putting them together for us!

    Princess Elisabeth

  4. Elan: “…real-time DC graph updates available from anywhere in the world… “in the cloud””

    And plus… spy-cam in readers' houses and offices so that I can click and perve and touch-o-vision so I can reach out and pet them, or give them a good slap, or… well, you know!

    “Thank you for the pretty graphs and analysis”

    You're welcome… more to come!


  5. prsuasivpressure: “You aren't already a cougar???”

    Good question! My last few have ranged in age from about 10 years younger to 5 years older

    I tend to prefer younger, but I think the definition of 'cougar' has to do with specifically seeking significantly younger men (e.g. 10 years or more) and I don't do that.

    So no, I'd say I'm not.

    Anyway, how YOU doin'?


  6. DC: “…we are few remaining ones who haven't yet succumbed to your power to 'flip switches.'”

    *chuckle* Give it time… not long, just a little while, and you will see the light… no need to thank me!


  7. Princess Elisabeth: “Anyway, THESE graphs are great! Thank you for putting them together for us!”

    Who doesn't love graph porn?! And thank YOU for participating!


  8. I'm as switchy as I was last year.

    Of course I don't think I was here for the last poll. I think I discovered your blog just afterwards.

    Clarence the Angelic who never brats because I say I don't.

  9. Clarence: “I'm as switchy as I was last year.”

    Give it time… some people are just a little slow… *angelic smile*


  10. Hah! The men 36-45 are doing the marriage thing…it'll take a few years, then they'll come to their senses (when the kids move out, maybe). Then they populate the 46-55 male sub cohort (wiser, stronger, richer).

  11. Anonymous: “Hah! The men 36-45 are doing the marriage thing… Then they populate the 46-55 male sub cohort (wiser, stronger, richer).”

    Interesting theory… and perfectly possible. I shall keep my eyes peeled for the trend.


  12. Anonymous: “So, what IS your opinion on underage subs?”

    I think many young people learn about their sexual nature well before they are legal adults, and they need support, a community of peers, information, all that. D/s is simply another form of relating, and it's a valid thing to explore as much as any other aspect of sexuality and relationships. The difficulty is that because it's not mainstream, and because BDSM can be emotionally and physically dangerous, there are a lot of challenges for young people who are interested.

    I wrote a post related to the issue of young people and BDSM here.


  13. Anonymous: “What advice would you give to an underage sub (and Domme)?”

    It depends what stage they are at and what questions they are asking… I don't think there is 'blanket advice' that is useful to people simply because they are a certain age.

    I think 'be educated enough to explore safely' would be a catch-all not related to age specifically, but some of this can be physically and emotionally hurtful, so being knowledgable is possibly even more important than for vanilla folks. I think 'you are perfectly normal' would be another one, there is nothing wrong with you for being interested in this stuff.

    Please feel free to email me (see my profile, top left) if you want to talk about this more privately, and I will be happy to see if I can provide some support and help.


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