Survey 2011 Results part V

Wow, it’s really not like me to forget fun things like publishing self serving survey results! But I did, I forgot!! I blame hormones, or the move, or all the wild sex I’ve been having… *sigh*… ok, maybe not the latter…

Some more free form text answers to my survey from waaaay back when below:

Q: Why do you read my blog?

Queer Female Switch, 18-35

I’ve had submissives of mine write journal entries in response to your blog.

Oh, fun! I hope he doesn’t swear at me!!

Straight Female Submissive, 46-55

Found the link and clicked on it!!! Looks cool so far.

Clicking the link is how it all starts, and welcome… I do hope you are still here *waves*.

Straight Male Submissive, 65

need to be excited – dream on being forced into sex changed lifestyle.

Hmmm… I’m not delivering either, but if you get something out of my blog… huzzah!!

Heteroflexible Male Submissive, 36-45

Because you’re intelligent, balanced, and not mad.

I am I am!!! Thank you. And I’m only mad sometimes, like when I get up in the morning and there’s no milk… that makes me pretty mad.

Bisexual Female Dominant, 36-45

I have read many of your posts on Fetlife and always feel inspired, re-affirmed or just simply at peace with my sense of self

Yay!! Lovely lovely!! I’m delighted that you get something out of them. Thank you!

Straight Male Submissive, 18-35

linked from fetlife, I’ve always found your forum posts to intelligent and helpful.

I’m so glad you get something out of my posts there… I do try, and I am hardly ever snarky, only sometimes, when it really makes me laugh.

Straight Male Submissive, 46-55

Really first time here, i clicked the link You have on a FL posting.

First time here and you were sucked into a survey… kudos to you for persevering. My Fetlife link brings all the boys to the yard…

Heteroflexible Male Submissive, 18-35

Finally a Dominant who is realistic, not part of the media image of leather clad bitch, and takes male submissives as real people not as objects of degradation.

*smile* I am realistic, own no leather clothes (ok, well belts don’t count, right?) and male submissives are the bomb! Thank you!

Pansexual Neither of the above (please self identify) Switch, 18-35

not really a lot into D/s, still trying to get my head around it, curious about the “why”

Oh, well it has been a few months since you said this… I trust you have found some more clarity. As to ‘why’, I’d start with ‘because it’s fun’ and go from there…

Queer Male Submissive, 36-45

You’re too fucking sexy.

*laugh* And you, sweetheart, are welcome anytime…

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  1. You own no leather?
    No hot corset?

    Have you *tried* one fit to you?
    They can be surprisingly comfortable.

    I so love my 'standard' bitch Domina corset!
    Not that it gets worn that often…but I LOVE that thing. It makes the drawer I keep it in smell lovelyyyyy.

    I just cant imagine a woman *not* loving how they feel in one.


    Makes me want to take you shopping. And I hate shopping.


  2. MistressKimm: “You own no leather? No hot corset? Have you *tried* one fit to you?”

    No, no, yes *laugh*.

    I actually love the way corsets look, but if I buy one, I want to actually *wear* it out in the world, maybe with jeans, or a pencil skirt. Had they had this one in black on the day I was there, I would totally have bought it! But splurging on something that I won't actually wear… not such a turn on (now if someone wants to *buy me one*, that's a different kettle of fish *smirk*)

    I tried on a leather, steel boned one with flames once, like a hot rod! Awesome!


  3. Coug: “Ferns you would totally ROCK the leather look seriously”

    I would!! *poses tantalisingly and dramatically*

    “I can just see Ferns in the hot rod one making broooom brooom noises and running about”

    *laugh* Though this is just as likely!! *runs around manically* Brooom brooommm!!!


  4. PrincessElisabeth: “He most certainly did not. :)”

    *laugh* Phew!

    “He loved your blog, and wrote wonderful entries in response.”

    What a sweet thought *waves to PrincessElisabeth's lovely boy*.


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