Survey 2011 Results part VI

More belated free text survey answers to the ego driven question:

Why do you read my blog?

Heteroflexible Female Dominant, 36-45

you write very well

*big smile* Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it!

Bisexual Female Dominant, 18-35

I love the way you write!

And I love it when people love the way I write… win-win!! Yay!

Male Submissive, 56-65

Cuz you have the forced link in every message [on Fetlife] and it is really getting old! You did ask!

I *did* ask, yes. I have to point out that this gentleman went on to tell me to “Take your link to this crap off your signature!”. Now, dear, you do know how links on the internet work, right? If you don’t click on them, it’s like they don’t even exist!! Voila! See how easily I solved the problem that seems to irk you so? No need to thank me!

Pansexual Female Dominant, 36-45

Your descriptions of how you feel with a submissive often could have come right out of my own head. It is nice to feel understood.

It’s nice for me too, which is why I love the ‘me toos’! I’m so glad you can relate.

Bisexual Female Dominant, 36-45

Very well written and engaging!

I’m glad, thank you for saying so! At this point I looked up synonyms for ‘glad’, but it didn’t seem quite right to say “I’m tickled, thank you for saying so!” and that was the closest I could find… Quite honestly, it *does* make me glad! And tickled!

Straight Female Unsure, 36-45

You are obviously intelligent, articulate and like graphs :-)

*grin* I am, truly! On my good days anyway. And I do like graphs, I am a total graph slut!

Straight Male Switch, 36-45

You write well and with emotion. Plus, you are Ferns. Isn’t that enough?

*laugh* One would think that would be more than enough, yes! Thank you so much for the sweetness.

Heteroflexible Male Submissive, 36-45

The quality of the writing is very good, far better than most similar blogs.

Oh, I’m delighted that you think so… will you be my Quality Assurance offsider? You would get to whisper in my ear when I slip below a certain level and give me a gentle nudge and say “Pick it up Ma’am, those readers won’t stand for it, you know!” You won’t be long in the job since I am likely to hiss and spit and kick your arse out the door, but it will be fun while it lasts.

Gay/lesbian Female Dominant, 46-55

What kind of a stalker WOULDN’T read your blog geesh ?

Great question… a rubbish stalker!! Which you are not, obviously!! You are talented and sneaky and a Mistress of disguises… Your disguise as a family of four on bicycles was particularly inspired. Kudos!

Straight Female Switch, 65

You tell it like it is and I like that, I learn a lot from reading your posts and I also love some of the tender posts you put on, some bring tears to my eyes

Awww… me too, with the tears sometimes… I hate that! I’m pleased that you are getting something out of it, thank you for taking the time to say so.

Loves: 1
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  1. tickles the Ferns.

    Yes, I've been lurking a bit and also off the internet a bit.

    But I'm glad you are still here and helping people laugh and smile.


  2. Clarence: “But I'm glad you are still here and helping people laugh and smile.”

    I'm still here! Nobody ever whisks me away from the internets *pout*.


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