Birthday bikini

Dear world,

It’s my birthday.

In honour of this momentous occasion, and as tradition dictates, I am sharing yet another photo of me where the majority of the pixels are bare skin*. See me glorying in your cancerous sunlight yet again!

Please send presents.

Sincerely, Ferns

Ferns at the beach

Hit the ‘Likes’ star. Yes that one just down there. It’s my birthday, so you have to do what I say.

Also leave a sweet comment. Go on!

Did I mention that it’s my birthday?

* Since I get asked this every time I post one of these photos: Yes, of course that’s Continue Reading

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Birthday nudity

Far be it from me to break from the annual tradition of gratuitous birthday nudity.

My gift to you.

Ferns nude striped

As always, presents, good wishes, over-the-top-flattery… all most welcome! I mean, it’s my BIRTHDAY!

** Edited to add: In response to some questions, yes, that’s a photo of me.… Continue Reading

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Happy birthday to me!

And yet, even though it’s *my* birthday, I am giving *you* a gift… that’s two years in a row! My nudity is now officially an annual event!


And yes, it’s really me (I know at least one of you was going to ask!). The photo was taken on the rocky headland of one of the gorgeous beaches here.

Happy birthday wishes, presents, singing, cake, champagne, sweetness, ego petting and other goodies welcome…!… Continue Reading

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Birthday suit

I wore it especially for today…

It is International Femdom Day, and Ridley Scott is documenting the day just for me. People of the world are good to me…

Presents? Of course you may send presents!! Silly question.

Happy birthday to me.… Continue Reading

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