Birthday nudity

Far be it from me to break from the annual tradition of gratuitous birthday nudity.

My gift to you.

Ferns nude striped

As always, presents, good wishes, over-the-top-flattery… all most welcome! I mean, it’s my BIRTHDAY!

** Edited to add: In response to some questions, yes, of course that’s a photo of me!

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    1. Thank you for the happy wishes!!

      My day did *not* include a nude, subservient Adonis (unfortunately), but it did include some Comte Audoin de Dampierre Grand Cru, a beautiful meal, and lovely company!


  1. Beautifully done Ferns! Thank you for sharing. I now have 3 birthdays worth of naked Ferns photos to swoon over… I hardly know where to begin. (I also see some definition in those abbs!)

    Once again, happy birthday! Have a hair raising time!

    1. *smile* You are most welcome.

      “I also see some definition in those abbs!”

      *laugh* Bless you for that! Though this is a ‘before’ shot…

      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!


  2. Yay! Birthday nudity!

    Happy Birthday you beautiful lady you.

    Is that a new navel piercing I see on your perfectly toned abdomen? It isn’t evident in any previous pictures.

    1. “Happy Birthday you beautiful lady you.”

      *smile* Thank you for the wishes and the lovely compliment.

      “Is that a new navel piercing I see on your perfectly toned abdomen? It isn’t evident in any previous pictures.”

      It’s not new… though previously posted photos of me are kind of blurry around the navel. Look more closely at the progress shot I sent you… see… there it is!

      Pay attention, boy!


      1. Pay attention, boy!

        I try, but it is like staring at the night sky. There is too much beauty to process and every detail is just begging for a lifetime of attention.

        How can I stay focused on your navel when I am beckoned by the curve or your breast or the subtle outline of your hipbones?

        Worse it is a slow torture. Bodies are made to be felt, not just seen. Asking me to pay attention to your photos is like bidding a starving man to meditate on a portrait of a great feast. It’s maddening.

        1. *slow smile* Now this is a stunningly beautiful response. Totally and utterly and sweetly swoonworthy *swoon*.

          You are totally forgiven for not paying attention… and for anything else you may have done in the past EVER, or anything you might do in the future.

          Thank you.


  3. And all around the world…hundred’s of boys fell smitten, their lips quivering, staring wide-eyed in awe as our dearest Ferns corrupts not only their minds, but ruins their expectations for all future significant others….


    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

      And I am a giver, what can I say!?!

      I’m glad you aren’t complaining, by the way, because that would be really sad!


    1. *smile I look just like that, but only from that angle and when the light is coming from the east and the blinds are set just so…


  4. Happy birthday and thanks for your present! :)
    I hope you have a good one with lots of presents and champagne and good food and whatnot :)

    And: You lied, you do age well!

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes, and I DID have a good one with presents and champagne and good food, AND some whatnot (not the sexy-dirty kind though… boo hiss!)!

      “And: You lied, you do age well!”

      *smile* Thank you!


  5. I would have replied sooner, but I had to stare at your picture for a half hour or so. For, uh.. for science. Yeah, that’s it.

    Oh, and happy anniversary of your 29th birthday.

    :wanders off to the laboratory to stare at the picture some more to see if the results will repeat:

    1. *smile* No worries, because… for science!!

      Thank you for the happy anniversary of my… and etc!

      “:wanders off to the laboratory to stare at the picture some more to see if the results will repeat:”

      *laugh* I assume so, science is like that!!


    1. Bugger also Happy Birthday I’d offer you some chocolate cake but you being all healthy and such I gallantly ate it to save you from it



    2. *smile* Thank you, I’m glad you approve!

      ” I’d offer you some chocolate cake but you being all healthy and such I gallantly ate it to save you from it”

      That was very kind of you, but then why do I still have chocolate mousse tart and white chocolate covered honeycomb in the fridge, hmmm???!!!

      Must. Eat. Them. All!!!


    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes and yes, it was a lovely day.

      I still feel like I have a food and alcohol hangover and it’s two days later!!


  6. Happy B-Day! You’ll be happy to know your birthday is still going on here in the US (there are [or should be] a lot of parties, parades, confetti, drunken debauchery, etc.) for another 3 hours, even (from when I write this, which is kinda irrelevant, but still…)! I hope you like parentheses and emoticons, that’s all I got for you… ;-)

    ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Ferns ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

    1. *laugh* I thought that you had drawn me a funny little maze until I copied it into notepad with their non-proportional font… Very cute, thank you!


  7. Happy Birthday, Ferns. Feasting my peepers on this exquisite photo, I celebrate you, savoring the artistry with which it displays the beauty of your form and spirit. How I admire you, Ferns, and appreciate your presence on this plane wherein you make yourself known, sharing dreams that nourish ours as well. Your birthday reminds me to be thankful I live in a world graced by you.

  8. Ferns: Thanks for sharing that gorgeous picture. I hope you get to greet many birthdays feeling healthy and loved.


  9. *jaw drops and pants grow tighter* Sorry couldn’t resist >.> But you have a magnificent body, I can only imagine how you look after the recent training, maybe next nude birthday picture will feature those guns of yours :3?

  10. oh my goodess! wow. ahem. very good thing im not leaning over the top of my laptop when i saw that picture. shorting it out from spontaneous copious drool wouldnt have been good! wowzers. whewf. wont forget that for a long LONG time, will tell you that.

    i followed the link from fet here, looking at the submissive men video. shame i couldnt have added mine. ild have been an honor. but oh well.

    1. *smile* Thank you very much for the very sweet compliment and gratuitous drooling! It is very much appreciated.

      And yes, it’s a shame you couldn’t contribute. If I do another similar thing, I expect to see something from you.


  11. FUCK! Happy Birthday to me..oops I mean to you hahaha *slaps right hand yells down boi down!*
    *picks tongue up off floor rolls it up sticks it back in*

    As I said before inside and out, you are breathtakingly gorgeous!


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