Birthday nude: Okay fine, fishnets & heels

Happy birthday to me!

My traditional birthday nude is turning more into ‘something I label as nude, but clearly isn’t’.

But it’s my party and I’ll cliché-fake-nude if I want to!

Ferns legs

Wish me happy birthday, or at least click the little ‘Likes’ star so I feel loved.

And send champagne. I obviously shouldn’t have to get my own on my birthday!

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  1. Ms Ferns, I’m convinced that you must have a portrait up in your attic that does the aging, while you just keep looking better and better.

    Happy Birthday, and many happy returns.

  2. Happy Birthday from NY Ferns!!!

    Many blessings……

    Do you have a line of boys, outside your door, to take your birthday spanking??? *smiles*

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

    Such great compositions you always do…sensual and teasing, always making me hungry to see more….

    Thank you!!

  4. Whoa…you pop that up and it’s YOUR birthday? That’s like the UK tradition of buying everyone cakes on our birthday. Those legs! HB Ferns x

  5. Beautifully photographed. Lucky photographer to work with such an amazing woman. Thank you for your cliches
    Happy birthday and champagne
    Xxxx tiggs (tigger_sub)


    IT was a special day when You were given to the world and should be a national holiday in celebration of who You are and become.

    You surly are loved and liked by more people than You relise:…:)

    Have a great birthday and enjoy life as we enjoy You and Your writing.
    What can i say about Your pic,Just WOW…:)

    Big HUGS your admirer

  7. Happy Birthday Ferns – Your poss have been an education for me and an entry into discovering the nature of my sexuality. Wishing only the best for you.

  8. Happy Birthday Ferns! You look absolutely stunning!! I hope you had a fabulous day! All the best to you!

    Warm Regards,


  9. Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes and the lovely compliments. I appreciate them so much, I can’t even tell you!

    They make getting another year older just that little bit easier *smile*.


  10. Happy belated birthday to your Ferns. What a gorgeous photo this is, kudos to the photographer, but I suspect you used a timer, but it is definitely gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Silver :)

      (this is an old post, but I will always accept any and all compliments and birthday wishes with complete delight :)).


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