Beach nude

Since I didn’t quite manage the traditional birthday nude this year, I’m posting an ‘end-of-year’ nude.

This is NOT the start of a new tradition that will go down the path of an eventual ‘blogful o’ nudes’!

It’s more an ego-driven “Aw hell, these weren’t done in time to make the ‘birthday nude’ date, and I love some of these shots!” thing.

Ferns beach nude

Happy new year, dear readers! May 2014 bring you so much happiness and joy that you just don’t know what to do with yourselves.

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  1. > “May 2014 bring you so much happiness and joy that you just don’t know what to do with yourselves”.

    It’s okay. I know what to do.

    Thnx 4 pic.

  2. *pats foot on ground rapidly and whistles* Two of the most beautiful wonders of the world…the beach and an exquisite lady. *smiles* Happy New Year to you!


  3. For some reason this strikes me as a visual representation of your efforts to meet the right submissive. Not sure why — just does. There is so much going on in a simple photo, isn’t there? Have a great 2014 — and most of all; thanks for the conversations in 2013. Enjoy your champagne tonight!


    1. *laugh* Oh god! I actually laughed out loud at this!!

      You are going to go down a treat at the Academy of Srs Dommes!

      (I do think the ‘badum tshhh’ at the end was the perfect finish… I hope you added a flourish. I do like a good flourish…)


      1. Srs Dommes: I’ll have me eating out of the palm of their hands in no time!

        No flourish though. Didn’t think about that. Will need to add a flourish!

        Thanks, coach! *grin*

  4. starting the 2014 with a nice ego boost hm ?

    i won’t give you the satisfaction but yeah it was a nice surprise


    1. *laugh* God forbid you make another person feel good! DON’T GIVE THEM THE SATISFACTION *waves fist wildly*!

      I’m glad it was a nice surprise for you, regardless!


  5. Holy cow! Phew, yowza! ! Just watch out for the reptiles on that beach, is all I can say! You are going to boil their blood!

  6. Damn, Ferns. It’s not enough for you to be an amazing, evocative writer and have a lovely voice, but you have to have a fucking phenomenal body, too?

    I mean, damn.

    1. *grin* You’re most welcome, and sure! I have plenty of room. In the garage. It’s a bit dark and dank down there, but the slaves will keep you cosy!!

      Did I say ‘slaves’? I meant snakes. Sometimes I get confused…


    1. My apologies… As I now comb through your archives, I see the “Is this really you?” question is one you get fairly often.


    2. *smile* Hello Eric, it is fun to see you going through my old posts and leaving footprints (and finding your own answers to your questions along the way!).

      I take any “That’s not really you, is it?” questions as a high compliment, so thank you.

      And please don’t hurt yourself with that ‘head over heels’ stuff… that sort of advanced manoeuvre is not for the faint hearted!


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