Sent emails: Kissing date

Further to your ‘yes!’ to a kissing date, I’m going to give you some detail so you know what to expect.

It’s a date for the sole purpose of kissing. Just that. No food, no drinks, no chit chat, no hanging out, no going anywhere.

  • Kissing, stroking, petting (and some other naturally related things that flow from it… see below): yes.
  • Chit chat, fucking, orgasms: no.

I’d play it by ear, but I want to be a little careful with you. The following list of things are in the realms of possibility (it’s not a ‘will do’ list, it’s a … Continue Reading

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I have organised a second date, a kissing date with the lovely boy I recently met.

I tweeted this yesterday while I was thinking about it:

Text: “Head full of kissing date possibilities. Anticipation might be one of my favourite things”

I got a great question about it via my Ask Me page:

How do you experience anticipation?

I love that question because it’s so hard to answer.

Anticipation is delicious because all of the possibilities are still in … Continue Reading

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Q&A: Are dominant women sexually attracted to submissive men?

Question (paraphrased from the ‘Submissive men and the women who love them’ Fetlife group):

 Are dominant women even sexually attracted to submissive men? They never talk about BDSM as if they are.

Dominant women (or even ‘most women’) don’t shout about their interest in sexytimes all over the internet or talk about it with strangers because it attracts creepy inappropriate behaviour from men who think any woman who expresses an interest in sex will want to have sex with HIM.

ANY woman who publicly states that she loves sex, that she’s in the BDSM for sex, that men’s … Continue Reading

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Meeting with my American boyfriend…

I’ve spent time with him before but it’s rare and precious. I picked Drew up from the airport around noon, and we started with lunch and drinks here:


Then we went to my place for champagne and lots of talks and secret-telling.

He let me handle his gorgeous chastity device: the Axel by Steelwerks:

Steelwerks chastity device

And this is the key to his chastity device around my neck. It’s beautiful and it suits me, no?

Conversation was fun and animated and ridiculous and thoughtful and wide-ranging. If you think we might have talked about you: we probably did.

I kissed his … Continue Reading

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One week, two boys

I know you want to hear all about my date, but I’m not ready to talk about that until I have more solid ground to stand on. Suffice it to say he’s really cute, smart and interesting, and he has a lot of other stellar qualities besides: I like him.

There might have been a little kissing… Yum…

Anyway where was I?

Oh yeah, and he brought me Milo: what’s not to like?

We’re figuring out if there’s a ‘what next’, and if so, what that might entail.

On top of that, I have another date tomorrow. Drew, Continue Reading

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Today would be a really good day for some CFNM

As part of our NaBloRrrrawrMo pact during November, the fabulous Submissive Guy Comics is drawing comics inspired by tweets that caught his eye and I’m sharing them here.

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I have a date.

Shocker, right?


With this lovely submissive man who I’ve dubbed the Pilot (because he is, among other things, a pilot).

I don’t normally write about potential submissives here because I think it puts too much pressure on, well, everything.

In fact I normally don’t mention anyone here until they feel tangible, until I know I like them, until we have had a couple of months of promising contact at least.

But hell, I haven’t had a date since forever.

We exchanged quite a few emails four years ago. I actually really liked him then: he … Continue Reading

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