One week, two boys

I know you want to hear all about my date, but I’m not ready to talk about that until I have more solid ground to stand on. Suffice it to say he’s really cute, smart and interesting, and he has a lot of other stellar qualities besides: I like him.

There might have been a little kissing… Yum…

Anyway where was I?

Oh yeah, and he brought me Milo: what’s not to like?

We’re figuring out if there’s a ‘what next’, and if so, what that might entail.

On top of that, I have another date tomorrow. Drew, my amazing American boyfriend, is coming to visit. He’s come to see me once before and it was great fun. There will be champagne (of course) and I might even feed him this time…

That will be my second date this week with a boy who will have done a round trip of several hours to come and spend time with me. I’m very lucky!

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  1. He brought you Milo, he’s definitely a keeper. (Although I have yet to “properly” try Milo, so I may not have good ground to stand on)

    I hope you and Drew have a great time together! =)

    1. Ha! You’re a fabulously social one for whom this kind of thing is de rigueur (dahling!).

      It’s highly unusual for me: I’ll be recovered around the end of next week #introvert :)


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