Just stop talking now…

In my last post, in amongst the ‘being cute’ thing, bambi suggested I should write about “overcomplicating things like ‘I like touching’ and communications”. It was a good suggestion.

I am learning how bambi communicates, and vice versa of course.

I have joked that we each need translators. I’m only half kidding.

I tend to speak carelessly and broadly. I often just want the concept, the *feeling* of a thing.

Bambi tends to … Continue Reading

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bambi-inspired post

Ferns: I want to write a blog post today. What shall I write about?
bambi: ME
bambi: ME ME ME ME ME
Ferns: *laugh*
bambi: *raises hand , waves it*
Ferns: What shall I write about you?
bambi: mmmm
bambi: how I’m pretty!
bambi: write about my eyes!
bambi: or write about overcomplicating things like ‘I like touching’
bambi: and communications
Ferns: *nod* “He is a terrible communicator, Continue Reading

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Honesty sometimes feels like manipulation

Sometimes it’s hard to be honest without feeling manipulative.

Sometimes I know what the outcome of honesty is going to be, so it feels like I am manoeuvring that outcome by *being* honest. That can be a hard mindset to let go of.

I suspect that more submissives have experienced this dilemma than dominants.

Submissive [honest statement]: “I really like it when you just tell me what to do without asking me.”
*cue your Continue Reading

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I want to do things to you

I want to do things to you.

This feeling is vague, which is unusual for me, but it’s okay.

I don’t even really know what things, just… things.

I want to take you out of your rational brain and see what happens when logic leaves you. I am still not quite sure how to do that. I can’t picture it in my head. Not yet.

I want to know how far your resistance goes. Whether … Continue Reading

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Missing him

So bambi has been offline for the third day in a row**. I am twitchy and restless. I am used to pretty much constant contact when our timezones align.

He is overseas, staying in a small, remote village in a foreign country. He has had internet access in the place he has been staying, but apparently it is now broken. He has only a ‘voicemail-to-email’ cell number, and there are no internet cafes, … Continue Reading

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Using D/s to get what I want

Soon after we started speaking, bambi and I talked about fitness. He told me that he was carrying too much weight and was trying to lose it. I told him that if he was mine, I would make him lose the weight (and no, I don’t care one bit how ‘politically incorrect’ that is). A day after we had that discussion, he went and got a gym membership and ramped up his efforts. I enjoyed … Continue Reading

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Me, naked

All going well (caveat caveat, fingers crossed, baby animals sacrificed and etc…), bambi will be the first man to see the results of my body project.

My nakedness in all its post-working-out glory.

After all this frigging work I have been doing, I expect angels to sing the hallelujah chorus, and a glorious light to stream down from the heavens when I unveil.

Streaming sunlight

Or at least double rainbows.

Not too much to ask is … Continue Reading

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