Me, naked

All going well (caveat caveat, fingers crossed, baby animals sacrificed and etc…), bambi will be the first man to see the results of my body project.

My nakedness in all its post-working-out glory.

After all this frigging work I have been doing, I expect angels to sing the hallelujah chorus, and a glorious light to stream down from the heavens when I unveil.

Streaming sunlight

Or at least double rainbows.

Not too much to ask is it?

Course not.

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  1. Hi, Ferns. I went back and read the first post of the body project — inspiring! And with some similarities to my own trajectory. Started with the good genes in the lottery, but then did eating disorder, rebound from eating disorder, etc.

    I lost a whole lot of weight in a 6-month span due to health issues, then felt so much better that I got motivated. Jalan’s got me on a system that’s a blend of requirement and incentive, and I’ve been doing well with it — hitting the incentive more weeks than not. I’m still about 40lbs over where a doctor would ideally want me, and about 20lbs over my own goal for being in my mid-40s, but my stamina, flexibility, energy levels, back pain, and such are all already much improved.

    I have missed the last two days, but I’m determined to go this morning. I’m not sure I’m yet bold enough to accept your call-out, but I’m considering it.

    In any case, I hope/expect Bambi will understand the significance!

    1. Congratulations on your progress, it sounds awesome! And having a system with Jalan that works helps a lot I am sure (a post on this coming soon!).

      It’s great to hear that you are seeing so much improvement all over the place.

      If you want to join my workout crew, you are most welcome. For me, the public accountability helps, and having some twitter and email support is great.

      “I hope/expect Bambi will understand the significance!”

      *chuckle* If we get to that, I expect his head will be too full to understand much of anything…


        1. Yay you!! Welcome!!

          And yes, setting Jefit up is work, but for actual use at the gym and for tracking, it’s pretty good.

          Send me the public link (if you are ready!) and I will put it up (email top right, or tweet, or post here, whichever).


    1. *smile* A tease? Who me?!!

      “And if Bambi doesn’t flip out at least as much as the double rainbow guy there is something wrong with him.”



  2. Will your buttocks still agree to anything, Miss Ferns, or have they become a little too tight these days?

  3. Were I that lucky bambi at your unveiling, I might start with: “What a piece of work is Ferns, how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty, in form and moving, how express and admirable, in action, how like an angel, in apprehension, how like a Goddess?”
    Followed by “hot damn!!!!”
    … gorgeous as well, the essence you reveal here in these pages with such wit and candor.

    1. If you could get all those words out, I’d be forced to slap you because you would be way too coherent for my liking!

      Thank you for the sweetness, regardless *smile*.


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