Random bambi thoughts

We are in chat most of the day when we are both awake (normal ‘life stuff’ notwithstanding), even if we are not actually talking all the time. Real time stories of our days.


I think he worries that I am not getting his best at times. I am not sure what that means exactly. But I’m pretty sure he worries.


I told him at one point early on that if he wanted to … Continue Reading

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Yesterday, he booked the flight to come here to me.

That suddenly makes it a real possibility. So exciting!

“He, who?!! Geez, Ferns, you never tell us ANYTHING!” *pout mutter*

He, the cutie who I have been speaking with for a couple of months now… that one…

He attracted my attention by slipping this into a comment he made on a Fetlife thread we were both participating in:

(I’m crushing so hard on Ferns)

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I like your face

I like your face.

It is so amazingly expressive, I can’t believe that no-one has ever told you that. How is it that no-one has ever told you that?

I like the way you arch your eyebrow, like you are some super villain plotting the world’s demise. I like your pretty eyes, each with slightly different colourings, framed by those long girlish lashes. I like your killer cheekbones, despite you concealing them: they are blade-sharp. … Continue Reading

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