bambi-inspired post

Ferns: I want to write a blog post today. What shall I write about?
bambi: ME
bambi: ME ME ME ME ME
Ferns: *laugh*
bambi: *raises hand , waves it*
Ferns: What shall I write about you?
bambi: mmmm
bambi: how I’m pretty!
bambi: write about my eyes!
bambi: or write about overcomplicating things like ‘I like touching’
bambi: and communications
Ferns: *nod* “He is a terrible communicator, I blame him for EVERYTHING”
Ferns: “But his eyes are so pretty!”

bambi: yes!
bambi: you got it.
bambi: now just add some filler paragraphs!
Ferns: *laugh* “Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb”
Ferns: You know how to write great posts. Thanks for the help

I think I shall just do this for every blog post from now on…

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  1. Oh, Ferns, please don’t do this for all of your posts in the future. Soon enough bambi will be there, and you’ll be able to write about the way doing terrible, wonderful things to him makes you feel.

  2. He’s quite adorable Ferns…. but my, what an attention-hog!!

    *teases* Let’s hope you still have time to blog after he gets there! :P

    1. *smile* Yes, totally adorable and a big ole attention HOAR!

      If I don’t have time to blog after he gets here, I will just have to send him away… I mean because really… *blogging*!!


  3. Oh dear Bambi topping from the bottom eh! didn’t you read the Fernster’s posts about that sort of thing oh my my you ARE in trouble



  4. “I think I shall just do this for every blog post from now on”

    Well, with fifty thousand NaNoWriMo words, you should have at least a year’s worth of filler paragraphs if you should need them. Also, there are those lovely shoe photos, if you’d care to add a bit of visual spice… and graph porn, don’t forget about graph porn.

    1. All true (though I do think ‘rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb’ is probably better than some of the rubbish I wrote for Nano!)!

      You reminded me that I keep meaning to add shots of a couple of gorgeous shoes that haven’t showed off here yet… Must do that!


  5. This may be too cute. I’m not a cuteness authority or anything like that, but I imagine if a Cute-marshall walked by here you’d get a citation for exceeding capacity, or something like that.

    1. Agreed. Flippin’ adorable. I now have an image of these two frolicking around like Disney characters. Actually, Bambi and Faline work for that: in the pre-fire scenes anyway, Faline is so Bambi’s domme.

      It’s a good way to write blog posts. You’ve made everyone who sees this smile.

      1. @GingerNic: Hmmmphhh… I will have you know that I do not frolic in any way, shape or form! The very thought!! I only stride, stalk or pounce…

        “It’s a good way to write blog posts. You’ve made everyone who sees this smile.”

        *smile* Thanks, it made me smile too!


    2. @Peroxide: *smile* There is no such thing as ‘too cute’, I am happy to die of cuteness. Or adorableness (is SO a word!).

      *pockets the citation*


  6. Dear Bambi,


    I didn’t know you were here!

    I know just what you mean.

    I do study phycology, gyeocology and pornography and yet even I can’t quite understand Women yet – what can a devil do?

    By the way Bambi sounds great as your name. I advised Ferns about that.

    Yours truly,


      1. Sorry Ferns but I’m not sure what you can mean.

        In any case I, a Doctor, cannot tell a lie.

        I have sworn a Hypocritical oath!

        Doctor Satan

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