Gymming: Update

I’ve been struggling with motivation.

I have a food alarm that goes off every few hours (fucking thing!) so that I eat more regularly. I’m having more protein. I *think* it’s making a difference in that I have been lifting some heavier weights, but the heavier weights might have happened anyway… who knows?!?!!

I bought some new gym pants and running shoes. I figured after 6 months of wearing the same gazillionty-year-old ones, I deserved some new and shiny, plus I thought new goodies might give my interest a bit of a kick back up.

The gym pants are made … Continue Reading

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Winning at gymming

I started an exercise blitz on 30 April with a 12 week program involving gym work 6 days a week (see my Check My Workouts! page for more detail), and pilates twice a week (which I have been doing forever).

Last week, I finished my second 12 week program where I was gymming 5 days a week, with pilates still twice a week.

I have just started my third 12 week stint.

Psychologically, it is easier for me to think of them as 12 week blocks than ‘forever and ever’ because the latter makes me go ‘What?! No way!’

So, … Continue Reading

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Check my workouts! (the original)

Older fit woman
Last updated Oct 10th (see Check My Workouts for all updates)

On 30th April 2012, I decided to start an intense workout regime with the goal of getting myself into the best shape of my life (big call!). It consists of gym work 6 days a week over a three month period.

On 25th May, I did a call out to others to join me, and some amazing folks heeded the call.


I added more thoughts (whining, gloating, and that sort of thing) at the end of this post. I tried to keep the whining to a minimum…

And … Continue Reading

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Gym bunny update photo

New progress picture.

There is more definition compared with a couple of months ago (if you want to compare the shot from two months ago ‘side by side’-ish, go take a look at the ‘‘body project’‘ page).

Any and all compliments, encouragement and motivational pats most welcome.

Extra brownie points if you refer to my ‘guns’ in a non-ironic way…… Continue Reading

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Exercise audio porn

I had another go at the recording I tried to make for my ‘gym bunny update’ post.

I actually invited my twitter peeps to breathe and pant and swear with me while I was doing it, so I was talking to them in the recording. Normally, I don’t talk while I am killing myself with uber cardio. Well, okay, I might do an ‘oh my god!’ or a ‘fuck’, but I don’t generally encourage people, or myself.

But this time, I am all about the encouragement!!!

So here it is, the high point of my 20 minutes on the bike:… Continue Reading

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Gym bunny update

Biceps, baby!
Yesterday was the last day of my 12 week gym blitz!!!

In the three months that I committed to, I only missed two days of my 6-day-a-week program, a feat of which I am inordinately proud. I’m pleased with the results… I mean, you saw the photo, right?!

You didn’t?


Since you didn’t join me, you get a cropped version (see there, at the right… yes there) ======

Squint and then tell me you see the bulging bicep, if you want to be … Continue Reading

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Check my workouts!

At the end of April 2012, I started a ‘body project’ with the aim of looking more awesome naked. On 25th May, I did a call out for folks to join me in a fitness blitz. Some amazing folks heeded the call and we’re working together in a group we affectionately call the ‘Ferns Workout Crew’ (#fwocrew on Twitter).

The link below will take you to my workout log so you can see how I am faring:

Ferns’ Workout Log

The workout crew participates in random weekly commitments to workouts to help us stay motivated. You can check out Continue Reading

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