Gym bunny update

Biceps, baby!
Yesterday was the last day of my 12 week gym blitz!!!

In the three months that I committed to, I only missed two days of my 6-day-a-week program, a feat of which I am inordinately proud. I’m pleased with the results… I mean, you saw the photo, right?!

You didn’t?


Since you didn’t join me, you get a cropped version (see there, at the right… yes there) ======>>>

Squint and then tell me you see the bulging bicep, if you want to be sweet to me, just refer to my ‘guns’…

Lunch yesterday with some friends who I hadn’t seen for a couple of months had one of them exclaiming (several times, and completely unprompted) about how fabulous I look. In truth, while I can *feel* improvement (muscle where before there was softness), I don’t really *see* much of an externally visible change, so that was a wonderful affirmation of the results.

Overall, in three months:

  • I have lost about 5 pounds (about 2 kilos) off an already slim frame
  • I have lost a few centimetres off various body areas, an average of 5% (via Jefit)
  • My cardio fitness has improved. I have no way of measuring by how much exactly, but I am faster, stronger, better
  • My strength has increased by about 20% over the period (via Jefit)
  • I can *feel* muscles where there were none before (indulge me, I am totally referring to ‘my guns’!)
  • Bits that were soft and jiggly are less soft and less jiggly
  • Bits that were *gasp* dimpled are less dimpled

The minimal changes in the measurable stats explain why I didn’t think there was any visible difference: There is no evidence for any (and even my ‘skinny jeans’ seem to fit much the same).  I *did* expect more noticeable results, but that’s me just having too-high expectations of my body.

My expectation was that my weight would remain pretty stable (which it did), but for the measurements to change quite a bit as I built muscle (they didn’t). I am grateful for the impressed exclamations yesterday that validated that there *was* noticeable change that doesn’t seem to be born out by the stats and that I struggle to see myself.

So what now?

I’m not ready to stop because I’m not yet where I want to be, but I can *see* the goal from here, so it feels achievable. The fact that I’m not *dying* to stop makes me feel all strong and raawwwrr-ish. I still don’t enjoy going to the gym (and probably never will), but I do like the sense of accomplishment and feeling of mental tenacity I get from persevering.

I can do another three months. Surely. Anyone else care to join?

** Aside **

My twitter followers know already that I was told by the gym owner that I make ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ noises when I hit my high point in cardio. Yesterday I recorded it.

Now unfortunately, JUST when I hit the high point, a trainer brought someone to the bike beside me, and started to give them instructions. So not only was he speaking loudly, I was then *very* aware that they were right there which made me politely refrain from noise-making in my usual exuberant manner. Still, it made me laugh, so here it is.

(the first 60 seconds is me at maximum intensity for the session (the ‘high point’), the last 30 seconds is cool down)


I did a second attempt at this without the interruption *smile*.

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  1. Ferns, I call BS on that photo. I think that you cropped a picture of some 20-something sports model and are trying to pass it off as yours. Come on, show us your *real* guns!

    1. *laugh* You’ve seen the entire photo, Tom: you know the truth. I really *am* a 20-something sports model.

      Ssshhhh… don’t tell!!


    1. Oh dear. “Now, a new study suggests some women don’t need a lover or sexual fantasy to experience sexual pleasure or even orgasm. Exercise can do the trick.”
      WHAT? NO LOVER? ORGASMS ON YOUR OWN? I have to try this! :P

    2. @Tom: I bloody WISH! That would be completely awesome!

      Unfortunately, I just make the sex noises without any corresponding pleasure.


  2. Congratz, Ferns!
    What I find amazing is that you get your ass over there even though you’re slim. I’m slim and I’d like to lose a couple of kilos (only about 4 or so) and get “Bits that are soft and jiggly less soft and less jiggly and
    Bits that are *gasp* dimpled less dimpled”
    BUT my problem is that I’m too lazy. I lost about 8 kilos once but I only started to work out because I couldn’t stand the sight of me anymore. But now … I still fit into my clothes and look okay in a bikini, which is why I just can’t get myself to do something. I only feel a little bit “meh” about my body, not “ew” yet. Seriously, how do you do it?

    1. “Congratz, Ferns!”

      *smile* Thank you!

      “BUT my problem is that I’m too lazy.”

      Oh god, me too!! I am uber lazy.

      “I only feel a little bit “meh” about my body, not “ew” yet. Seriously, how do you do it?”

      I can totally relate. I could get away with not doing it because I wasn’t overweight and I wasn’t unhealthy. That wasn’t the issue, but getting older doesn’t agree with me (or maybe I don’t agree with it *waves fist wildly*), and I was becoming less happy with myself.

      Finally, pure vanity and pride beat laziness (nothing like having one or two vices outweigh some other vice… *laugh*).

      As to how, I self talked for a few weeks (I had to REALLY talk myself into it and bored a couple of people with it), I did a bunch of research to find a short term program that was a serious *blitz* (versus just toddling along forever with ‘the gym’), I found supporting software, I printed out workout plans and calendars, I looked at fitness porn, I self talked some more, and then I made it into a ‘body project’ (with plans, software, reporting) and managed it like I manage projects at work. All business.

      Then I just had to do it (there is no secret there, sorry)!

      When I thought I was wavering, I came here and asked for folks to join me, which really helped because then it was out in public, and I HATE to fail.

      So, vanity + ‘body project’ + support.

      But I think that your own dissatisfaction for your own reasons has to get to the point to tip you over the edge before you really have any motivation to change.

      Until then, it’s much better to revel in exactly how you are, know you are fabulous, and rock that bikini!!


  3. OOOHHH… Another lovely sound bite AND a visual aid as well! What a great way to start my busy day. This is why I check your blog first thing in the morning. I never know what I’ll find.

    Being a member of your jolly little workout crew, I got the original photo and it is easy to see how your buttery softness is turning into firm, muscular awesomeness. (Great guns!!!) It is probably not as easy for you to see much difference because you look at yourself every day so the incremental change is more apt to be felt first rather than seen. It is however, quite noticeable to others.

    As you looked good before you started, (I have the “before” picture too) I didn’t really think your measurements would change all that much but in the latest picture, there is definite definition in your shoulders, arms, and abbs.

    I loved the sexy workout noises and I must say, they are quite different from the ones I make. Mine are mostly grunts, muttered blasphemies, and swear words. (but at least when I look down now, I can see toes rather than my pasty white belly)

    HUZZAH for you because your 12 weeks in the gym have been well worth the effort and if you are ready to continue to press on with it, so am I.

    1. “As you looked good before you started, (I have the “before” picture too) I didn’t really think your measurements would change all that much but in the latest picture, there is definite definition in your shoulders, arms, and abbs.”

      *glow* Thank you so much!! *bounce*

      Your rah rah-ing has been an awesome help, by the way, as has seeing your workout-machine-ism, especially when I know you work some hellishly long hours.

      “… if you are ready to continue to press on with it, so am I.”

      To infinity, and beyond!!!!

      Okay, well another three months. I can do that, I’m a commitment-phobe you know…

      But I’m totally taking Tuesday off (it’s my birthday you know). Any maybe Wednesday, if I am still drunk.


  4. It’s late coffee this morning, but I lost some over my keyboard with the audio clip! That is so funny! I should buy an elliptical and blindfold the beast for my workouts so he wonders what I’m really doing.

    I think you’re doing great! And the most important thing is what you’re doing for your heart and all the healthy stuffs! You are strong. You are woman. RAWR!!! Bravo!

    1. “Good guns. Nice hair too.”

      Thank you for indulging me!! I appreciate it!

      “Can we have a ‘Which way to the beach?’ pose next time? ;)”

      This made me laugh out loud! And totally YES!


  5. * scoffs choccies and mutters bitch under her breath *

    Looking good there Frens love the guns *sincere voice*


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