Gym bunny update photo

New progress picture.

There is more definition compared with a couple of months ago (if you want to compare the shot from two months ago ‘side by side’-ish, go take a look at the ‘‘body project’‘ page).

Any and all compliments, encouragement and motivational pats most welcome.

Extra brownie points if you refer to my ‘guns’ in a non-ironic way…

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  1. Naturally to compensate for your increased strength you’ll be only using the lightest of instruments on your boys.

  2. I’ve been with you on this from the very beginning and I’m really impressed with the effort and resolve you’ve shown. The hardest part is sticking with it and you’ve done admirably. The fabulous results are well worth it.

    You described yourself as “Buttery soft” at the beginning, but no more. From the pics I’ve seen, you have great guns and I’m sure that the rest of you has made the same progress. Great job! I hope you are as impressed as the rest of us are.

    I’m also happy that all my cheering, foot stomping, and doing the wave and stuff., seems to be having the desired effect. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY FERNS!!!

    1. *smile* Thank you so much slapshot.

      Your support and cheerleading throughout has been invaluable, especially on those days when I’m all whiny and petulant!

      Also, for the public record, I happen to know that your abs are developing some pretty fine definition from all the hard work *you* have been doing! So yay you!!


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