Reader Q&A: How to explain that he wants to be ‘used’

I really want to do a bunch of ‘How to’ posts to cover ‘hints and tips for newbies’ because I see these kinds of questions all the time from both potential submissives and from potential dominants. They’re great questions that many people struggle with in one way or another.

Hello. when answering questions you often say to new Dom’s not take the airy fairy stuff like ‘I want to fulfil all your fantasies’ and ask their partners for more details. But what if a sub really gets turned on by the idea of being used instead of any particular acts. Continue Reading

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Reader QnA: How does a sub say no?

How does a sub say no at all. I read you blog entry on what to do if your sub says no but a harder question for a sub is how do you say no. Numerous times I have had very bad experiences because I didn’t feel I could deny my partner.

Recently My Lady put me through a scene that was several hours long. It was something I knew I would not enjoy but I felt I could not say no. Negotiation can not cover every possibility, I had simply never thought of this kind of play before. Now … Continue Reading

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Supporting your dominant’s dominance

Sometimes submissives ask how they can help their dominant (especially their *new* dominant) become more comfortable in her dominance.

Come here, and I will let you in on a secret…



Here it is:


Seriously. Do that.

I know it sounds as if I am being cute or something, but I’m not.

Do you want to know what I probably needed most from my submissive when I was finding my feet?

  • A safe space in which to assert myself.
  • To be certain that when I ask for something, he will comply.
  • To be confident that he is eager
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Submission is not passive

Submission is not passive.

I remember a submissive saying to me once “It’s easy for me, I just have to turn up and do what I’m told…”

Yeah, good luck with that.

Submission is NOT about being passive. If someone chooses ‘submissive’ as a role because they think it absolves them of the responsibility to be an active and enthusiastically functioning participant in a relationship, they are going to be sadly disappointed.

I see a not infrequent attitude where men essentially say “My vanilla relationships failed because I didn’t do shit and she wasn’t happy with that… I just want … Continue Reading

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Compromise in D/s relationships

I talked in my Masocast interview with the lovely UnspeakableAxe about compromising away happiness, and I’ve had a few private conversations about it since then, so I thought it was worth expanding on.

A lot of people seem to start relationships with “Oh, that’s okay, it’s not that important to me” and end up with “What the holy fuck happened here?”

There is always compromise in relationships, but there is a world of difference between small ‘c’ compromise and capital ‘C’ Compromise.

Small ‘c’ compromise is about each side making concessions so that you can both be happy: talking about … Continue Reading

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Being submissive can be scary

When I met my boy, he was scared, as many newbies are scared.

Scared that he wouldn’t know what to do ‘as a submissive’.

Scared that this D/s thing wouldn’t be what he expected.

Scared that the reality wouldn’t live up to what was in his head, in his imagination.

Scared that he wasn’t really submissive, that he was ‘faking it’ somehow, fooling himself.

Scared that he wasn’t really a masochist, that his fantasies over all those years were false.

Scared that he would fail me, not be what I wanted.

Scared that I would lose interest because he … Continue Reading

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Submissive man seeks casual play partner

Ten days ago, my sweet friend Peroxide placed a personal ad in location-specific groups for a female dominant. He is looking purely for casual play.

Charming young sub, seeking casual play partner

Hi, I’m Peroxide, I write Submissive in Seattle and I’m looking for a nice lady to be my casual play partner.

I don’t do sex or D/s outside of a LTR, so this would just be a Top/bottom thing.

I’m not terribly experienced, but I am masochistic and eager to have a good time, so if you are a Domme/top/sadist and want a nice male body to tie

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