We talk, we compare notes, we laugh (a lot)

I recently had the privilege of an audio chat with the fabulous Molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss.

We discussed blogging, D/s, labels, monogamy, confidence, stereotypes, and much more.

We also talked about my Domme Chronicles book which she describes as ‘love letters to submissive men’, plus she calls the stories ‘beautifully written’, which makes me beyond happy.

We laughed a lot. Which made the entire chat a complete delight. Plus Molly has a lovely English accent, if you like that sort of thing (c’mon, who doesn’t like that sort of thing?!).

Random snippets:

“I want to piss off as

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Interviewed by NYT best selling author!

New York Times best selling author Megan Hart contacted me recently because she loved my book (BECAUSE SHE LOVED MY BOOK!!) *faints*.

I loved the book, which tapped into a lot of what I like to explore in my own writing — the themes of female dominance that is not tied to leather or vinyl catsuits and whips or sex dungeons (not that those can’t be fun!)… real portrayals of what it’s like for lovers in this dynamic.
–Megan Hart

So exciting!

So of course when Megan asked if I’d be interested in doing an interview with her, I … Continue Reading

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Sexual orientation

Your recent post “Once Upon a Time When I was a lesbian…” makes me want to ask a follow up question.

There seems to be a lot of good information that suggests sexual preference is deeply rooted, hard wired, if you will. In fact, many reputable researchers and therapists make strong cases that this doesn’t typically change over time, ie hetero flipping to lesbian, though bisexual is often recognized, of course.

But your anecdote does not seem to suggest bisexual, at least the way you described it in that post. It sounds more like changing…especially since you describe … Continue Reading

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Morning routine

I have a morning routine that I stumble through every day while my brain is hardly even awake. It doesn’t vary unless there is an external reason for it. My extreme love of this habit is slightly disconcerting because comfort in routine seems like it could become quite obsessive.

  • I wake up, and take stock. Half asleep still. “Can I sleep more?” “Is anything sore?” “Am I *really* awake?”
  • If the answer to the first is “no”, I masturbate. It is not the sexy lolling about with multiple toys and lots of sexy noise-making that you see in the ‘women
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Explaining violence & sex

Emailing with a vanilla friend…

“I still can’t really grasp the connection between violence and sexual excitement.”

Ha! It’s so incredibly complex.

I can try and explain it in a bunch of different ways, but I do think it’s one of those things that you can’t ‘get’ until you ‘get it’. Like how oral sex seems like the grossest thing ever pre-puberty, then you do it and go “Oooohhh… I get it now”. But even if you get it, trying to explain WHY it’s great and a turn on to someone who says “I can’t really grasp why you would … Continue Reading

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Another chat with me!

My second Masocast interview is live (the first is here)!!

A wonderfully sweet benefactor offered for-real moneys to ask me some very interesting and thoughtful questions, I spill my guts, laugh a lot, and blather more, and the lovely Axe pretends he isn’t just talking to me for the money!

I also do an audio reading of ‘Conflict’ at the end.


Random quotes:

I have a blog where I just go ‘bllarrgghh’…

…the other is to go “Ahh, fuck it…”

How do I know? I just know. I don’t know.

If it was that

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On being difficult

In my personal ad, I describe myself as “difficult’ (among other things). This is not a cute way of pretending I am some badass bitch. I’m not.

But boy, am I particular.

And in the context of getting to know someone, there seems to be a very narrow set of things that ‘work’ for me.

There are some things that hit me just right, that make me laugh out loud, that make me do a double take, that intrigue me, that fire me up, that inspire me, that attract my interest. I don’t really know how to explain what … Continue Reading

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