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Femdom: Is this a scam?

Scam alert

Femdom scams are common. Soooo common. The truth is that if you’re asking ‘is this a femdom scam?’, it’s probably a femdom scam :/.

I’ve written about femdom scams a few times over the years:

  • This is what a scam looks like*
  • Scammers come in different flavours*
  • Should I pay tribute?
  • *Note: My older posts have not kept up with the fast pace of technology: As mentioned below, a simple, very Continue Reading

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    Reader Q&A: Am I being scammed?

    I’m newly introduced to potential fem dom /sex slave thing, and after receiving couple email tasks, very hot pictures and a 1min long video clip, I’m tempted to get in. My mistress(she wants me to call her such) is now asking for training kit fee of $1200 for equipment and toys via western union, moneygram or interact -e-transfer.

    Is this normal or scam?

    She seems very good at what she’s doing in manipulating my mind, … Continue Reading

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    Scammers come in different flavours

    So you got contacted by an uber hottie… whoo hoo!! She’s from your home town and she is super keen on you and thinks you are special… that’s so awesome!! She wants to claim you as her slave… yesss!!! You’ve been talking for a couple of weeks… it’s going great! She seems to be moving really fast, but ok, that’s fine… good even! And she hasn’t asked you for money so SHUT UP FERNS!!

    There … Continue Reading

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    This is what a scam looks like

    So, you (submissive male ‘you’) have emailed with someone for a while, she seems perfect, she ‘gets’ you, you have a lot in common, she likes your kinks, she thinks you are special. Then she asks for money. You go ‘hang on!’ and you baulk.

    Then she sends something like this (actual email below). It is designed to hit every insecurity and doubt button you may have.

    I am disappointed that you seem to want

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    Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #113 [Audio]

    © 'Ferns Femdom Podcast' by and of Ferns. Music by M.M. Transcript by MFMWKE.

    This fabulous femdom podcast includes the following:

    • A big thank you to my Patreon supporters (because of course)
    • A sweet little happy femdom story (yay!)
    • Advice on getting into phone domming
    • Resources for a new Domme (tip: My non-fiction book list)
    • Should I consider a much older partner?
    • Should I seek out a pro-Domme for this fantasy?
    • How do I handle a serious issue with my long term dominant partner?
    • What do you like
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    Should I pay tribute?

    There are a LOT of questions everywhere all the time from new submissives asking whether paying a tribute is a normal thing when looking for a personal or love-based F/m relationship.

    Why do they ask this?

    Often it’s because they’ve already handed over some money to someone and instead of it leading to a meeting and the start of a beautiful relationship, it led to, you guessed it, a request for more money. Or they’ve … Continue Reading

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    My sent emails LV

    Hello One-Line-Email-Guy-Who-Wants-Me-To-‘Use Him’-Online,

    On the remote possibility that you’re open to learning.

    Dominant women on these sites get a million of these emails a day from random strangers who, let’s be honest, want to wank.

    A one line email from some random dude (with nothing appealing in his profile, no photos, no site activity, or any hint that he’s going to be awesome) wanting online play is not a thing that is even remotely appealing. … Continue Reading

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