Reader Q&A: Am I being scammed?

I’m newly introduced to potential fem dom /sex slave thing, and after receiving couple email tasks, very hot pictures and a 1min long video clip, I’m tempted to get in. My mistress(she wants me to call her such) is now asking for training kit fee of $1200 for equipment and toys via western union, moneygram or interact -e-transfer.

Is this normal or scam?

She seems very good at what she’s doing in manipulating my mind, and I am truly probably going to make the commitment and then find out if it was a scam indeed. I have been convinced this is the only fee there’s ever going to be as she is not prodomme and only after sexual pleasures only (I’m sold).

Am I an idiot?

Yes, you’re an idiot :P.

But not THAT big of an idiot since you asked someone this question. You are smelling the stench of badness and you are right to.

Yes, it’s absolutely 100% a scam.

The person on the other end is part of a group who run this scam all over the place (I’ve seen at least half a dozen male submissives ask this exact same question on Fetlife, so the group seems to be pretty busy), and it obviously works enough times for them to continue doing it.

One of two things is going to happen if you send them money:

1. They continue playing the game in the hopes of getting more money down the track
2. They disappear

The thing that I can guarantee is NOT going to happen if you send them money is that you will be in a relationship with a legitimate ‘mistress’.

Please don’t send them any money.

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  1. Yeah it’s scam on the other hand if you send me mere $600 you’ll get the real deal
    *whispers to Ferns 50/50 split k so sssssssh*

    ‘Onest Coug (I also sell bridges and cathedrals)

  2. Hi Ferns

    As March is not yet over I thought I would ask a few more questions. I have posed the same questions to other dominant women to gauge their thoughts on this matter as well.

    The topic I would like to get an understanding of from you is around the feminisation of your partner. Obviously this can be a fantasy of the male in the relationship and therefore something they desire, but what I was interested in was what do you gain from any such practices that you adopt in your relationship? N on occasions likes to make up my face. This occurred a few times before we started this current dynamic and only once since. It was different when she did it the last time as I was more accepting of what she was doing and hence she enjoyed it more. I still don’t know what she gets out of it.

    So the sorts of practices I have seen mentioned are like breast growth, wearing panties, being plugged or pegged (fantasy of mine so I get the thrill this brings your partner), removing hair and wearing adornments. So if you wouldn’t mind, could you please share with me what these practices mean to you and the relationship?

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