Post-a-day February: Done!


You’ve had a whole barrage from me this last month. I’ve just been blurting stuff out all over the place :).

I don’t know how some really prolific posters do it, honestly.

I tend to only write if I have Something To Say. Plus I don’t really want to repeat stuff I’ve said before. PLUS I don’t have a lovely sub to actually talk about. And all of that makes posting so often a challenge.

Still, I think it was good for me to flex a bit of that ‘STFU & write’ muscle.

Posts will slow down some now, though I have a podcast coming out the next few days, I just have to write the summary post and review the transcript (MFMWKE does my transcripts and he had the NERVE to add ‘champagne fuelled giggle’ in there as a descriptor, and I’m preeeetttyyy sure that didn’t happen! I mean, come on!).

Thank you all for your support over the last month of incessant posting: I’ve greatly appreciated it :).

Speaking of support, I accidentally turned comments off on this post when I published and I’m genuinely sad that I shared a personal picture (it feels like one of the most personal ones I’ve ever posted given it’s a partial face shot, and that’s not easy for me) and got so few comments. If you want to un-sad me, GO SAY SOMETHING SWEET TO ME OVER THERE.

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  1. Thank you for your post.. It became a daily pleasurable routine for me, although I rarely would comment.

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