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The boy who I have quietly dubbed ‘my prey‘ kept in touch with me after our date. There is ‘something’ pleasing about him that I can’t quite put my finger on, you know: ‘something’. His engagement is light and fun and he makes me laugh. His little hints of submission are sincere and flirtatious. He hasn’t balked yet at my nudging at him a little.

He didn’t push me (prey doesn’t push), but he was obviously keen to meet again. I very much like what he brings to the table, so I invited him on a second date, to see if I can make something casual work.

He’s coming over for some light personal service this weekend, to see how it feels. I’ve asked him specifically to be my eye candy, to serve drinks, to provide a foot and hand massage, he will do my nails. There will be kissing. It will be light and sweet. I want to see how the D/s energy is between us.

I may want more and will put a list of ‘maybe-possibles’ in front of him so that he can veto those he’s not comfortable with. Where I take it within those boundaries will be at my whim.

I mused on Twitter that for someone with whom I am looking at something casual, he brings MORE of his submission to me at this early stage than many men with whom I am exploring something long term.

It’s an interesting contrast. And it may partly be me: perhaps because it’s NOT some big heavy exploration into something long term, we are both skipping lightly. Our defences don’t need to be up, so the little hints of D/s are what they are: Nothing more, nothing less.

He doesn’t hesitate when I ask him for something (the ‘not-shaving for a week’ being the biggest so far, and a relatively big ask for a casual date). Just… “Yes, Ma’am” *swoon*. He has been like this from the outset, along with a healthy dose of amusing cheekiness to see what he can get away with. I have almost forgotten how fun-sexy-sweet this kind of natural D/s interplay feels.

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  1. Yay* See you can do it, casual all the way baby! Or whatever it is the young people are saying these days.

    Caveat other exclamations may be available

  2. No expectations, Ferns. You of all people should know… once the constraints and pressures are removed, people can be free to just *be*, in the moment, not worrying about tomorrow or where you’ve come from.

    There is something magical about that kind of a release.


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