Roping a cougarling

I knew he was into rope. I’d warned him that I have no skills with it, but that I was absolutely happy to learn with him if this went somewhere. In that way I’m like some ‘fantasy Domme’: kinks in and of themselves don’t interest me much, but HIS kinks do. Because that’s how I get reactions and that’s where I enjoy playing.

We played some with rope this time. I have a couple of books, youtube videos, even a video of myself doing a chest tie that I learnt in a shibari class (takate-kote, TK: I had to look that up, did I mention ‘no skills’?).

He stood patiently, while I carefully and tediously followed the instructions to do the takate-kote.

He didn’t mind my slow fumbling.

People react to rope differently of course. He flopped face down onto the bed once he was tied. It wasn’t clear to me at first that rope makes him languid and relaxed: that he likes to just ‘be’ in it.

I let him stay in the first tie for a short while, checking knots, stroking the bonds, touching him gently, shoving him around a bit, and then I was keen to try something else.

I undid the first tie and tied him a second time: A dragonfly sleeve. His hands behind his back, multiple loops down his arms, then my rope running down his arse between his tight little cheeks, around to the front, cupping his cock, and then over his sensitive nipples, making patterns on his chest. So beautiful.

cougarling rope marks He made a show of escaping, not from the rope, but from the room. He backed up to the door handle like some James Bond villain, quickly opened the bedroom door and scampered (an odd word for a huge, built man, but scamper he did) into the living room where he flopped backwards onto the couch, a huge smile on his face. Funny.

I put cushions under his head and he lay there, content. I petted his beautiful body and he drifted off, not quite asleep, but blissfully dozy, his cock paying attention when I played my fingers against it. I kept checking the circulation in his hands, not just tied now, but with the weight of his body on them.

I’m not sure how long we remained there, but his pleasure in relaxing in my rope was palpable.

When I untied him, the rope marks were vivid and distinct, less because they were tight than because he’d been lying on them. The photos I took are so pretty, I wasn’t sure which to post.

My goodness he’s lovely.

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  1. I’m like you in this, Ferns. I always say kink is fungible. People make a big deal about kink compatibility. But beyond bondage (my number one kink) I’m willing to explore other kinky activities that interest my partner.


    1. ‘Fungible’ is such a strange word. Because ‘fungus’. I feel the same about ‘deprecation’ because ‘defecation’.


      But yes, the kinky stuff is a tool. There are types of play that I like and am familiar with, but I’m totally willing to try other things as long as they aren’t intrinsically ‘unsexy’ to me.


  2. Very little about how the weekend went, about your emotional connection or not.
    Are you secretly trying to have some sort of private life here Ma’am? That’s just… not fair!

      1. **ferns arrested for attempted Gallic shrug. Forced to make grovelling depp/heard apology**

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