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I know you all just want to hear about my date, but bear with me here: I’m about to change my blog theme (have I ever mentioned how much I hate change? I do, I hate it).

About 54% of my readers access my blog from desktops, 32% from mobiles, and 14% from tablets. My current theme is so old that it doesn’t properly support the smaller devices, so the main driver for this change is to make my blog more readable to those folks *waves hello*.

I’ve tested the theme locally and made a ton of customisations (with many thanks to My-Man-Who-Knows-Everything for his stellar technical help!) so it’s about as ‘good to go’ as I can making without pushing the button. So now I just have to push the button.

The switch-over will have some glitches, this I know, because technology. So if things are a little off, that will be why.

Fingers crossed I don’t crash the entire site…

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  1. It’s easily readable on my mobile. :)

    Responsivity is a Good Thing. Those with limited or small-device access will thank you. Responsive Themes are also multiple-disability-friendly. Yay!

    You know that saying, “Beauty is Pain”? Well, I tend to think CHANGE is Pain, but this particular change is painless. Which is lovely.

    Good luck with all your switchy glitchies. So far, thumbs up! :)

    1. Thanks for letting me know: glad you’re liking it so far :).

      The basics seem to have worked okay, so yay! (though the reply button on these comments is up next to the commenter’s name, which is very confusing! Instinct is to look for it at the END of the comment…)


  2. Loving the new look and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for not making it look like that car site…. ;)

  3. If you can’t embrace change you’ll end up hating this world & most in it.
    So that explains it, I hate you Ferns

  4. Not that my opinion matters, because I only bother to read your blog 15 or 20 times per day, But I do L ove the new look (blog, not you, though, I did like the birthday picture).

    1. Thank you: I’m glad you’re liking it :).

      I’m still tweaking things, but it has been pretty painless* to switch.

      *well, after a week of local testing and angsting and getting help and retesting and and… etc.


  5. Hello Ferns,

    As a scientist I can report good news. The buttons for Next Post and Previous Post are both working properly from here now.

    Here’s a suggestion.

    It’s about the list of the previous comments under the heading – “Whispered in my ear”.

    It will help if you can make it a longer list with room for at least a few more previous comments.

    Why would that help?

    Let’s say that you add a new comment to an old post. Let’s say that just one minute later a half a dozen visitors have all added their new comments to recent posts. What then has happened to your comment to old post? Your comment has already dropped off the bottom of the list. You may remember that you commented and where your new comment is. But in this case the next visitor never sees your comment. The next visitor does not even know that you commented there. Why not? That’s because you’ve dropped off the list without them seeing you. But they will see if you can make the list longer.

    Your new changes all look good from here.


    1. I’m glad it looks good from hell :).

      I’ll take a look at the recent comments list and the space allocated to it. I think the MOST use for it is in seeing where new discussions are taking place (vs seeing a particular person’s comments) so readers can take a peek at the action if they want.


  6. All those percentages and no graphical representation?
    Who are you and what have you done with Miss Ferns?

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