Glimpses of history

If you are interested in some glimpses of how I saw my First in the time we were together, both of the posts below are about him.

I wrote a blog at the time (before blogs were a thing, hand coded in HTML), and kept a journal: both of these writings were based on descriptions I wrote back then, so they are true to my perspective at the time. There might be some others about him floating around, but these came quickly and easily to mind as pivotal moments with him.

They are sweet, hot, and intimate, which was how I experienced our relationship. Reconciling the memories I have with the experience he had is like trying to fit together two pieces from different puzzles.

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  1. Just found you via recommendation. I’m enjoying the content very much. I found several references to “Please, please don’t” ( Hot title–dead link. I checked the archive and 2008 only has 3 articles, none for Nov. So, I pulled it up in the wayback machine ( You should be able to restore it from here.

    If you want any help with web stuff, let me know. I’m also subtextualized (noob) on fetlife.

    1. I’m delighted someone recommended my content, and welcome :).

      Thanks for the note about the dead link: I unpublished a bunch of older posts because REASONS, so there are some links-to-nowhere around the traps.


      1. (honored) I don’t need to know your reasons. If the reasons were technical or public speech related, please consider a paywall to keep your content published. Of course, I have selfish reasons of my own.

        As someone interested in writing about my experiences and fantasies, I found the entry particularly helpful. I learned I’m NOT interested in being in First’s place. But it was so hot. I still don’t know what that means. But I want to keep exploring and learning.

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