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I love the idea of puppy play though I’ve only tried it once and it didn’t quite work. We still got some fun out of it, but neither of us quite got into the right mindset. He wasn’t really puppy-playful and I didn’t know how to bring it out of him, so in the end it was more about restrictions and objectification than puppy play.

Still, I’m finding puppies more and more adorable. The playful gambolling, the cute noises, the attention seeking, the tricks, the pleasure in being petted and played with. All of that.

I enjoy the brutal ‘guard dog’ image also. Big and growly and fierce, snarling and having to be held back by force. Despite all that posturing, you know he will turn his face up to his owner for approval and petting.

I’m not really all that interested in full-on costuming, though when it’s done well, I do love looking at it. Give me some waggly ears and the ability to see big round puppy eyes and I’ll melt.

And of course some boys seem to be natural puppies, and that makes them irresistible.

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  1. Leaves me cold TBH, but eye of the beholder and all that, I don’t think it’s “wrong” or anything just has no attraction for me at all, now if it was hawt Goth girlies well….

    1. I’m always curious about things I haven’t experienced but that other people seem to get so much out of. Rope is one. Puppy play is another.

      Chastity was one of those also, but wow, I SOOO get it now :).

      If I go there, though, I do think I need a partner for whom it’s ‘a thing’ so they can bring me along with them: I’m not motivated enough to push it with someone who is also ambivalent.


  2. I’m a natural puppy. I constantly look for attention and affection from whomever I feel most loyal/close to at any given time. You may remember.

    I’m able to thwart my anxiety a little by giving into that aspect of my personality within a more controlled environment. Completely giving in to Puppy Fin and finding ways to communicate what I want without words and being given ways to earn what I want.

    It’s my favorite sort of submission, but not one that I’ve really been able to explore completely.

    1. I’m very much like what Fin describes. We don’t to the details of the puppy specifically, more generalized pet. but when I’m anxious, nuzzling and being petted helps.

      And we have a ring that signifies “speak only when spoken to” when I wear it. I can ask for it, though obviously can’t ask for it to be removed. It helps quiet my mind when that’s needed.

      1. @Naga: Ahh, interesting.

        You and Fin have both made me wonder about the spectrum of puppy play and at what point it becomes ‘puppy play’ vs ‘exhibiting some puppy-like behaviours’. I’d guess it’s when you both acknowledge that you are no longer a human, but a puppy.

        Thank you for sharing it.


        1. Puppy play is similar to other types of play in that there has to be some form of acknowledgement that it’s happening. Hit someone without mutual consent and it because assault rather than play. It becomes play instead of just personality the moment I do something that I wouldn’t normally do around someone who knows why I’m doing it and consents to play along.

          Getting really excited and “puppying” when someone I’m affectionate toward walks into the room? That’s personality.

          Getting on the floor and dropping a ball at their feet when they walk in the room? That’s just weird unless they know we’re playing.

          Asking to spend time with someone I really miss? Personality.

          Asking to spend time with someone by presenting a leash to them with my mouth? Weird unless they know we’re playing.

          Stepping between my sweetheart and some jerk trying to pick a fight? Personality.

          Barking and growling while doing so?
          Haha. Weird unless we’re in a kinky space, I think.

          Talking about feelings? Personality.

          Pissing on the bed because I’m upset? Bad dog!

    2. @Fin: Yes, I remember *smile*. It’s incredibly sweet.

      I can imagine that it could be quite the pressure relief if you have anxiety (same with quite a bit of play now that I think about it).

      I just remembered that I’ve talked about ‘puppying‘ before, which is not about puppy play, but illustrates that I do very much like some of those behaviours.

      I do hope you get the opportunity to explore it some more *hug*.


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