On puppying

puppying [puhp-ee-ing] (verb): To behave in an excited and exuberantly enthusiastic manner over someone, like a puppy. Usage: You are puppying at me!

Submissive men who are into me ‘puppy’ at me. I call it puppying. I have no idea if I made that term up.

Puppying is when they are so excited every time they are around me that their whole body vibrates with delight, they get under my feet, they bounce around me, every pore screams “OMFG YOU’RE HERE YOU’RE HERE, SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!” If they didn’t have control they would lick my face and then pee on the floor.

Puppying is when every spare moment they have is dedicated to thinking about how to be closer to me, whether it’s in person, on the phone, via text, in email, on IM, on twitter… something, anything, to reach out and get some contact. And when they *get* that contact, they are beside themselves with excitement at the attention.

I love puppying from a man I like. I do. It is incredibly sweet to me, it makes me laugh with delight, it makes me soften with tenderness, it makes me want to pet him, it makes me want to scoop him up and put him in my lap where he will squirm with happiness.

There are many reasons I like it, but a big one is that in order to puppy at me, he has to make himself vulnerable. He has to NOT do some sort of ‘super cool’, ‘in control’, “Hey, how *you* doin'” act. It is a display of honest and open exuberance without the filters of self protection and for that reason alone, it is special and powerful and lovely to me.

To me, it’s ‘normal’ that someone who is into me behaves that way because that kind of openness is a trait of the type of man I like.

And puppying needs a foil to push against. Puppying doesn’t work with someone who is also demanding attention. He needs someone to *accept* his attention. And if I like someone, I am good at that. I don’t puppy back, that’s not how it works. He puppies at me, and I accept his attention with genuine pleasure and lots of petting.

That doesn’t mean that I am not just as eager and excited to see him, it just means that our ways of expressing it are different and that our natures are complementary. His need to express his excitement fits well with my pleasure at his delight. It just works.

So yeah, puppying, it’s a thing, and I love it.

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  1. This means that I don’t have to feel funny about letting you know that I check my email several times a day, just in case you send something, and save them all, or that I try to wait until you tweet so I can say “good Morning” (sometimes I don’t wait)

  2. I love the word and your definition, and I adore it when guys do it! I am so going to add this word to my vocabulary, hehe!

  3. Well, now that I know you like that sort of thing, I’m sorry I’ve never done it, and have always been so calm, cool, and collected when interacting with you.

    *wags tail*

    1. Your calm cool collectedness rudely flying in the face of my awesomeness has long been a baffling conundrum for me. I think it’s the sunglasses.

      *scritches that spot right above your tail*


        1. *laugh* He is most certainly not an old dog! And I have no doubt that he has many many tricks he can be taught given the right motivation.


  4. “Puppying” is kind of my natural instinct when I’m getting to know someone I find lovely and attractive. But because of social expectations, I have to try hard to hold way back on it. I would love to be with someone who wants that.

    1. *smile* Well, we are out there, you just have to test the waters a bit to see if she likes that sort of attention before you let your inner puppy out!


  5. Omg, they do! They do this!

    It’s absolutely adorable!! I had one that stopped doing this at one point in the relationship and it ended rather quickly after that.

    It is such an essential part of the whole ordeal, I don’t even know how to explain WHY but yes, a man must do the whole puppy thing at me or I just…can’t get there with him.

    1. *smile* Yes!

      I think part of its appeal for me is that some other man might *feel* that way, but can’t/won’t/doesn’t show it. *Showing* it hints at a lovely vulnerability.


  6. Does a submissive puppy?

    Sounds just like that famous Buddhist riddle:

    Does a dog have Buddha nature?

    The answer in both cases: “woof!”

    Where else do you think the idea of collaring came from?


      1. :-) One is supposed to show creativity in answering koans, so that is an excellent twist on the classical Japanese answer “Mu”! Of course, the Chinese version of the answer is, phonetically, “woo”, which is also very fitting for both questions! (Wags tail excitedly)

    1. @Neophyte: *grammargasm*

      I was wondering if anyone would question my verbing a noun, then gerunding and still calling it a verb, but I totally renouned it with the gerunding…

      Detailed grammar discussion can start anytime now…


        1. Ferns is renowned, but I don’t know about renouned. I’ll do my best to try renouning her, though. The first step is to verb her.

          “One of my favorite bloggers Fernsed last night, offering a task I would have been all too happy to help with, if I weren’t halfway around the globe from her.”

          There. Now Ferns has been verbed. Now to renoun her.

          “With all of the Fernsing she has done lately, I can only imagine how happy she would be to have an actual house-submissive at her service.”

          There. Now Ferns is both renowned and renouned.

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