Kissing him

I sit on the arm of the couch, look down at him, stroke his face. I place my hand on his cheek, and cup his face up to me as I kiss him gently. He kisses me back, tentatively, and I nudge his mouth open, tasting him, and it rises quickly in me, passion, heat. I kiss him a little harder, exploring his mouth, my fingers slip to his throat, applying some pressure, pushing his head back, tilting it until it is along the back of the couch, and I kiss him, tasting him, feeling the skin of his exposed throat under my fingers. I kiss him harder, biting his lips, feeling him wince, feeling like I can’t breathe. And I kiss him harder and he returns my aggression, his mouth hungry, wanting, I slip my finger between his lips without breaking the kiss, feeling his tongue, his teeth, I kiss him harder, I can’t get enough.

He is stroking me, running his hand cautiously along my arm as I lean further over him, his hand along the side of my body, I grip his hair and hold his head back, he strokes my side, across my ribs, my breast, I push him back along the couch, eating up his mouth, shoving his head back, I feel like growling and I can’t get enough of his mouth. I am almost lying over him, pushing at him, his head arched back against the back of the couch, kissing, pushing, wanting.

I pull back finally, slowing, just touching his lips with mine, lapping at his soft bottom lip, pulling it gently into my mouth, my breathing ragged, pulling a few inches away, thinking I am finished with him.

He whispers, “You are such a great kisser.”

“So are you,” I answer and it’s true. “This was so worth it,” I tell him, but I am not finished with him yet.

He looks up at me and he knows I am not done with him, and I feel him reach for me, and I let him guide my mouth gently back down to his, like guiding a missile to its target, like guiding me home, and once I am locked, I am lost again, and I nudge against his mouth, finding his tongue, aggressively taking his mouth, and feeling like I can’t get enough.

I feel a soft pressure as he tries to urge me off the arm of the couch into his lap, against his body, I resist, keeping my mouth on his, pushing. I grip his hair tightly in my fingers and he lets out a little moan and I twist his head back further and pull away to look at his face, his eyes are closed, supplication, surrender, submission. I touch my fingertips to his lips and he opens his mouth, I enter with my finger, fingers, he keeps his eyes closed and he wraps his lips around my fingers, he sucks them and I slide them in and out of his mouth, feeling his tongue lapping at them, watching, wanting, perfect and it makes my hunger rise, my stomach lurching with lust. And I kiss him hard and it’s delicious, and I feel voracious and he is pushing up against me with his mouth, wanting more, and I feel like I want to get inside him through his mouth.

I start to slow a little and pull away, I gently touch his lips with my tongue, he reaches up for me and I pull back further and he arches up to me and he can’t get to my mouth and I make him wait for me before I can’t bear not to have my mouth on his anymore, and I move down to kiss him, hard, again, and I make a sound, like a moan deep in my throat and I feel him react to it even though I never heard it escape my lips. I feel like I am kissing him forever.

I finally slow my attack on him, pause and pull away from him. I whisper, “You’re lovely.” He doesn’t hear me, I repeat it, and he smiles up at me.

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  1. Reading your lines leaves me breathless…Neruda in spiked heels.

    “It was the happy hour of assault and the kiss,
    The hour of the spell that blazed like a lighthouse.”

    1. *smile* That is such a wonderful compliment, thank you so much.

      I do love it when I get comments on old posts, they get lonely back here.

      Also, Neruda… *swoon*.


  2. I have noticed something in popular culture that I think of as an F/m kiss, or Femdom kiss.

    I was watching an episode of Dr. Who. At the end of the episode, a man finally reveals what he has been holding back-he states his affection for the mute woman. The woman, though mute, finds a very effective way to communicate her response. She reaches out and grabs the material of the man’s shirt. Pulling on the shirt, the woman pulls the man close and gives him a passionate kiss.

    That was a reminder. I rewatched an animated film, “How To Train Your Dragon”. Yes, I remembered correctly, the same style of kiss had appeared in this story.

    I figure that if a woman is willing to do this sort of thing, she must feel very passionate about the man. And the man is lucky to receive so much affection.

    Very sweet. :)

    And when she grabs and pulls on his shirt, she momentarily dominates the man physically, which is interesting in its D/s implications.

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