Good puppy

Later, we watch a movie, puppy is allowed on the bed, snuggled beside me.

I make some comment about what’s on screen to him, he answers me, laughing. It takes us both a few seconds to realise that he has spoken.

I raise my eyebrows at him. Comically, his wrapped paws fly to cover his mouth, his eyes widen, a look of shock and horror frozen on his face.

“Can puppies talk?!” I demand.

He shakes his head, his hands still over his mouth, his pretty eyes staring at me in a parody of fear, like a cartoon character. I want to laugh.

I grab him by the collar, pull him over my lap and smack him as hard as I can on his arse. A stereotypical ‘bad dog’ spanking, a word with every strike.

“Puppies. Can’t. Talk. Can. They?!! No. They. Can’t. And. You. Know. That…” etc.

I hit him until I have run out of words and my hand gets sore and his arse is pink.

When I am done, he snuggles in beside me again, I restart the movie.

Sometimes, even when it doesn’t quite work, you can still get something out of it…

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  1. If the opportunity arises, you might want to give it another go. If you work him up gradually, you can actually get him to chase his own tail. I can’t quite recall exactly how I came to have this knowledge.

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