What I love is not the acts, though I love them too… I love it when I kiss you and you get that look on your face, like you are sinking into it, and you bow your head and you start to look lost, and you make tiny sounds of surrender and your breathing changes and I know you are waiting for me, opening up to me and I fucking love that. It’s like watching an invisible mist come down over you, like watching you become awash with it, like seeing you change into my beautiful boy bitch as it enters you, like feeling you exposing your body and your heart and your emotions and offering them up to me, and that is what makes me want to attack you and be tender with you and hurt you. That is what makes me want to cry right now.

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  1. a beautiful, articulate description of the energy, nay, the magic, that occurs, or rather, materializes, between a Dominant and a submissive.thank you for putting that feeling into words.

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