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I got hit on at a pub by a 20-something soccer player who had earlier been wearing a dinosaur onesie.

I told him he’d have had a better chance if he’d still been wearing it. He looked at me, looked down at the onesie that he was now carrying.

“What would you do if I was still wearing it?”

“Pat your tail…”

I thought he was going to trot off and put it back on.

He didn’t.


I skipped going to the gym on Wednesday. That means that this week I gymmed twice and went to pilates twice. It is unreasonable that this makes me feel like a slacker. I still do though. My own mindset is puzzling to me.

I am still talking to potential submissives. I’d love to give details, but mostly what happens is that I communicate for a while with a perfectly lovely submissive man, we realise there’s really no *there* there, we politely thank each other and move on. This hardly makes for interesting blogging.

Still, I can share failure highlights of a couple who I allowed myself to get quietly excited about after a month or more of being in touch:

  • The smart amusing man who just stopped responding to my emails one day for no apparent reason (see, it happens to Dommes also!).
  • The fascinating super-attentive man who neglected to tell me that he was already IN a relationship (cue soap opera-ish voicemails from his *fiancee*. She seemed very nice, by the way…).

Rest assured: when there IS a *there* there, I will let you know!

I chipped a front tooth the other day (probably I was trying to open a champagne bottle with my teeth because… CHAMPAGNE!!). Dentist visit followed.

My new dentist said I have ‘beautiful teeth’. I’m going to believe him and pretend that it’s not a professional marketing ploy to make me feel all happy to go back to him in future.

Also, no fillings required.

I DO have beautiful teeth!

I am playing Walking Dead, a zombie game. It is not a shoot ’em up, which is super unusual for a game about zombies. It’s an adventure game, and you talk to people about killing zombies more than you *actually* kill zombies. I’m enjoying it, even though I’m really not much of a gamer.

Also, you do get to kill some zombies, and some people too. If you’re that way inclined.

I miss kissing.

Loves: 9
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  1. I would have ran off and put the onesie back on in a hurry!

    “I DO have beautiful teeth!” Your dentist knows what he is talking about because in my professional lesbian opinion (I have a Doctorate) you certainly do have a beautiful smile!

    “I miss kissing” Yes, me too!


  2. Walking Dead is great. So great, the game manages to have better plot and characterisation than the TV series. (Or perhaps this just means the TV series is really bad?)

    1. The Walking Dead Game is way better than the series. You can’t just passively hate the douche bag because they illuminate every weakness in that person and empathy gets torn from you whether you like it or not. You also have to react to the choices that person makes, which can make you conflicted if they’re a good person, but stupid as a rock in a world of survival.

      1. @phoray/mesmermoiselle: Heh… I liked the bit where the child was all ‘waahh, stealing is bad’ when they found some food and you had to make some big decision – steal/don’t steal.

        Seriously, what kind of zombie apocalypse are we in when someone caves to a 6yo child’s moral sensibilities when it comes to matters of survival?!


    2. @Rhoda: I’m really liking the game! I’ve only just seen a bit of the TV series in the last few days, so I don’t know it. I might watch it after I finish the game. I mean, zombies!


  3. “wearing a dinosaur onesie.”

    I can’t get used to the whole “onesie” thing. In America, this is a dinosaur onsie. (Though babies are as cute [if not more cute] than 20-something soccer players, but in an entirely different way…)

    Here’s to hoping for continued dental perfection, a successful submissive search, and lots of dead zombies. :)

    1. When I first saw adult onesies on the market, I thought, “Oh my god, all of the adult babies are going to be sooo frigging happy!!”

      But now I wonder if their use in kink is being diminished and diluted by the indiscriminate onesie wearing by random drunken boys in pubs and One Direction.

      And thanks *smile*!


  4. I absolutely would have run, as fast as my little legs could cary me, back and put that dinosaur onesie back on.

    Also, your teeth, just like the rest of you, are fabulous!

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