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My head when I want to write a thing, but haven’t *actually* got anything concrete itching to get out.

“It’s okay, I have 26,000+ words in my drafts!!”
“Holy fuck, what a load of rubbish.”
“There’s a daily NaBlo theme! ‘Stress relief’. Um. Yeah, I got nothing.”
“Wanking is good stress relief, maybe I should wank!”
“No: writing!”
“I could wank and then write about it!”
“Ugh. So boring. I’m a boring wanker… Heh.”
“Well, what’s going on with me lately…”
“Oh! The lovely climbing boy sent me some games!! So sweet!” *runs off to look*
“Wow, this is complicated…”

“Maybe I should finish those two games I’m already in the middle of!”
“Ugh, don’t feel like it…”
“I should update my plugins.” *updates plugins*
“I’m hungry.” *makes food*

*checks email*
“Ooh, specials!” *orders some stuff*
“Wonder if I owe anyone emails…” *trawls emails… answers some emails*
“Okay… writing!”
*looks out the window, browses Tumblr…*
“Music! That’s what I need!” *puts music on*

“Champagne? That seems like a good idea! Maybe I’ll have some brilliant champagne-fuelled inspiration!” *gets champagne*
“Seriously, I should eat better. I mean, champagne is kind of mandatory, but have some fucking vegetables woman!” *checks fridge for vegetables, puts things on a shopping list*
“What’s the time?”
“Mmmm… champagne…”
“So… topics…”
“I should go for a walk.”
“Holy fucking jesus, it’s been 45 minutes and I still can’t retrieve those games. Fucking Steam!”
“Okay, they’re redeemed… soooo… where are they?”
*clickety click click*
“Why is my glass empty?”
“I’m obviously too stupid to use Steam… grrrr…”
*checks email*
*Google: “redeemed steam gifts where are they”?*

“Fine, I give up!” *sends support email*
“Okay, writing…”

Ahh, fuck it.

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  1. That sounds an awful like my days, when I’m not working. Of course, mine also include, parrot, intermittent internet, and ignoring harassing calls from co-workers, and the occasional broken neck.

    1. *laugh* Right?!

      I feel like an ADHD child when I try and force myself to write. My head is so BUSY with *all the stuff*, and none of it is productive.


    1. *laugh* Maybe it’s a universal truth.

      Maybe this happens to everyone whenever we are attempting to tackle something we are ‘supposed’ to do that takes mental energy. Our brain flicks a switch to protect us from the inevitable failure by distracting us with trivialities. Heh.


  2. You could have wanked and videoed it. We wouldn’t have considered it boring at all then. *grins*


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