Why you should be on twitter too…

One of the reasons I’m on twitter is exchanges like this, which are totally and utterly happy-making:

I’m up early… I don’t like this. I don’t like it one bit!!

@Ferns__ You’ll take it and you’ll love it!!

@iBreedBySpores *kicks you in the shins… cackles*

@Ferns__ That kind of day, huh? *tickles, pinches, sticks finger up nose, smacks in the face*

@iBreedBySpores *laugh* You realise I totally imagined you doing that stuff to yourself for my amusement… that’s what you meant, right?

@Ferns__ Hmmmm….

*laughs and laughs* OMG, so fucking funny!

** As a note, Mark is on my twitter feed because… Mark *FERNS*!! It was destiny.

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  1. I am on Twitter. I just don’t get to interact with you much because you keep crazy hours. Ugh, Australia, everything is backwards. Even your “bears” are cuddly vegetarians instead of bloodthirsty killers.

    1. No, no it’s not.

      You’d have had your place in the sun if you’d tickled, pinched, nose picked and slapped for my amusement… but you didn’t. Selfish!


        1. *laugh* See, if you two boys would just wrestle, in boxer briefs, all oiled up, I’d totally post the video…



  2. Wrestle, yes please!

    He’s cute! Was he lost? Can I keep him? Does he go to the door and whimper when he needs to go out?

    1. *laugh* He *is* cute, and look at that mouth! So pretty!

      I think maybe he *was* lost, and I do believe he will happily follow you home if you offer him treats. Like bacon. And maybe face slapping.


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