Meeting with a submissive man

We had been emailing/chatting for some 12 months (he checked yesterday: his first email to me was 1st September last year). Perhaps we had some voice calls also, I forget.

He’s a local boy, sweet and smart, quite a bit younger than me. Our contact was on and off, he developed a crush, but he’s not a potential. He’s partnered and his relationship was messy. Even meeting for a friendly chat over coffee made me uncomfortable, so I refused to do it. Plus, if you are a regular reader here you would know that I really hate meeting people and I only do it when I think there is some possibility that it will lead to a relationship. Introvert and all.

While this is not about ‘possible relationship’, I meet submissive men so rarely that I thought it was worth a ‘how do these things go?’ note.

Recently his relationship stabilised, his crush abated, my discomfort over meeting was allayed.

He noticed that I said on twitter that my rock climbing partner was injured and offered to step in since he loved climbing, but hadn’t done it for a long while. Yesterday I took him up on the offer.

I picked him up just before noon and trapped him in my car serial-killer-style. Conversation was light, easy, though he seemed nervous (he later said he wasn’t). We gently negotiated that ‘person you just met’ polite back-and-forth fairly easily. Two hours of rock climbing removed a lot of those ‘new acquaintance’ barriers (I joked that I had essentially invited him to come and stare at my arse for a few hours). We had been in touch for so long that there was the comfort of a lot of mutual knowledge behind us.

I liked him enough to invite him for a drink afterwards to unwind. We went to a beach-side bar, I bought us wine, we sat overlooking the beach and talked about nothing in particular. There was no D/s in it, though I asked him to get me some water and he sheepishly said he should have noticed that mine was finished and been on top if it. Sweet.

Some four hours after we met, I dropped him home. We were in the middle of a conversation when I parked (did you know that the dictionary definition of the word ‘literally’ has been changed to ALSO mean ‘not literally’: it’s an outrage!) and I had to tell him to get out of the car or we would be there forever. I gave him a goodbye kiss, and off he went.

Last night, he dropped me a thank you email that included a combination self-depreciating comment slash lovely compliment:

“I had that classic and pathetic case of “man being clumsy and stupid around rather amazingly beautiful woman” thing going on today.”

*smile* Super sweet.

And for the record, he was neither clumsy, nor stupid. I am also not ‘amazingly beautiful’, but I’ll take it.

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  1. I am floating away on a cloud of sweetness. Attentive and self-deprecating is LOVELY. And terribly impressed by your ability to maintain good sense about who to meet.

    1. *smile* Yes, he’s lovely.

      Ha! I think being such an introvert probably makes it easier to use good sense about who to meet. Since I hate meeting people, it takes someone pretty special to get past that.


  2. I will agree that you are not “amazingly beautiful”. You are breathtakingly gorgeous! He needs to get this right! I could absolutely being nervous, clumsy, and stupid around you.


    1. *laugh* Thank you for the lovely compliment.

      For the record, he said: “Mysticlez is 100% right…”

      Well, of course she is! Pfffttt… :P


  3. Nicely written. I think what that basically shows is that there are many varied aspects to a human personality. Also to the Dominant, also to the submissive. And: Communication is the key to everything.

  4. Were I kneeling before you, I would feel blessed.

    I would also offer you an Australian kiss. What’s that, you say? It’s like a French kiss, only down under.

    1. Oh anonymous, I suspect that you were trying to be sweet and to convey something positive, and I appreciate your intent, I do.

      But an anonymous stranger talking about kneeling and offering me oral, even if you think the way you are doing it is really haha-cute-jokey, is never going to come across as anything but creepy.

      Please don’t do it again.


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