So domlydomdom I can’t stand it…

I saw this attempt to have cybersex with Cleverbot on tumblr and it made me laugh so hard :D.


I’ve had some fun with Cleverbot before, but not attempted cyber fornication. Of course I thought “Imma try this”!

Me: Cybersex.

Cleverbot: You are cyborg?

You start.

Okay. Banana.

*takes off shirt*.

Is that legal?

*takes off pants*.

Now kneel.


Now say, I will obet [sic… wtf?].

I will obey.

We will obey each other.

No, you will be my bitch.

I will be your slave…

Kiss my feet, slave.

*kisses master’s feet*.

Not master, Mistress.

Sorry, mistress.

That’s better. Now take off your clothes, slave.

Yes master *takes off*.

No, idiot slave, not master, Mistress! Pay attention!

Yes mistress.


*laugh* I’m adding this to my mad skillz: So uber domly, even bots obey me!

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  1. It strikes me as entirely possible that “banana” is from an obscure 1971 Michael Crichton novel, in which two (what we would now call) neural networks are interacting, and one offers the other a banana.

    Not kidding.

  2. I am laughing in the train! I didn’t know this was possible. You have made my life better.

    I’m looking forward to trying to convince this thing to enslave me when I get back to my computer!

    1. I’m so glad I could entertain you on your train journey!

      I don’t think that Cleverbot has the right stuff to enslave someone as fabulous as you, but no doubt you will see soon enough…


    1. It’s an artificial intelligence program that is designed to learn from its interactions with people (hence the misspelling), so in theory it becomes more and more like a human in its interactions.

      From Wikipedia: “Unlike other chatterbots, Cleverbot’s responses are not programmed. Instead, it “learns” from human input; Humans type into the box below the Cleverbot logo and the system finds all keywords or an exact phrase matching the input. After searching through its saved conversations, it responds to the input by finding how a human responded to that input when it was asked, in part or in full, by Cleverbot.”

      This is the kind of bot that will eventually strangle people in their sleep, so best for it to learn its place now…


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