How to drop a man in 2 seconds

I can’t stop watching Ronda Rousey in this gif. It’s amazing.

ronda rousey

If you watch the YouTube video, the lead-up to this throw is the guy, am MMA journalist, joking with Rousey, an MMA champion, in a ‘ha ha ur only a woman’ kind of way.

“Hurr hurr, I don’t think you have enough strength and can compete with the men, even though I’m a white belt…”

In short, he was being a dick¬†to an elite athlete: She’s an MMA champion FFS, and he was minimising her achievements, her training, and her skill.

I don’t care if he was all aw shucks jokey mcjokerson, and I don’t care that it was probably a set-up for her to demo a throw: WHAT SORT OF INTERVIEWER¬†SAYS SHIT LIKE THAT TO AN ELITE ATHLETE?

I watched it over and over because it’s amazing: She drops him like it’s nothing. I keep picking up details: his surprised expression, the split second his feet leave the ground, how quick and smooth that entire move is. I keep trying to identify the moment he thought, “Oh shit, this is not gonna go how I thought.”

And when I read that she accidentally broke some of his ribs doing this, I tried to feel sympathy for him, but really, I thought, “Serves you right, arsehole.”

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  1. Learned that throw (I think it’s called O-goshi)…um, long before almost everybody in this conversation was born…and am in awe watching how well she does it. I wanna’ grow up to be her

    1. Possibly not I learned it in 1975 but shush about my age ;), and yes it was a dumb thing to say especially as it has very little to do with strength but a lot to do with skill and technique


      1. @Coug: The thing that makes me laugh (even more) is that we all KNOW there are about a gazillion very average men who’ve watched this clip, who have maybe done some martial arts, who have maybe even won some of their local comps, and who think ‘Eh, I could take her’ *laugh*.

        I would pay a motza to see some of them get floored by her.


        1. Usually, any person (male or female) who has been training long enough to win a comp, has learnt the humility and then respect of being taken down by a variety of opponents who are easily underestimated.

          I used to train with an elite, blind judoka. He was a Paralympic gold medallist, and was the Australian champion in the regular sighted competition. The little bugger used to use a rare but legitimate throw against me: one hand on my arm, one hand between my legs, and hoisted me into the air by my crotch. #Respect

        2. @My First: *laugh* I would also pay a motza to see that throw…

          Though your optimism about the attitudes of men towards women is naive. Go do a search on ‘Rousey vs a male’ or go look at the comments on that YouTube video, and look for the comments from men who (claim to) have some training or skill. I won’t. Because I know exactly what I will find and I don’t need to see (more of) it.


        3. In all honesty Ferns I would expect not, in every club that I’ve had dealings with that mind set is very much a minority, the one common thread has been respect for each other maybe I’ve been lucky there I don’t know. There will of course be the exception but usually the instructors deal with it very firmly

        4. @Coug: I’m going to try really hard to believe you’re right because that makes me happier.

          Though to continue that mindset, I know 100% that I must not go anywhere near the comments on that youtube clip… :/


    2. @Raven’s ron: The thing I love most about it is that I think that dude honestly believed that he could stoicly stand there and she wouldn’t be able to do shit because ‘me strong man, you little girlie pants’ *laugh*. What an idiot.

      I wanna be her when I grow up too (but of course, I am waaayyy too lazy to actually DO anything with that thought… :P).


  2. That’s a left handed Harai Goshi. Standard judo throw taught around green belt or blue bent, and my stock throw back in the day.

    To be honest, that’s a very gentle throw to have used. If she wanted to really mess him up, Kata Guruma would have been nice.

    1. Ha! I do believe she was just doing a nice, gentle little demo for him with no intent to mess him up. That was just a happy coincidence.

      Personally, I would have liked to see her do this move. Holy fucking jesus! So good. I could watch this stuff all day.


    2. Her First – yes, you’re right, it’s Harai Goshi not O-Goshi. Think I learned them at yellow belt,was so long ago the instructional manuals were on clay tablets. But to return to the point of this site (aside from just generally admiring Fern), one of the benefits of learning who we are in the Lifestyle is we do come to know who we are; I know I’m a “real man” because the women I’ve been privileged to serve have no doubt of it, and don’t need to reinforce my sense of self wondering if I can out-fight a given person. whom I’ve been proiv(unless a woman to whom I report decides it is useful for me not to be on a given occasion),

  3. Ronda Rousey is an amazing athlete. And intelligent and funny to boot.

    My husband has a mad crush on her. Every time I get on youtube on our home computer, the “suggested for you” videos are ALL ROUSEY, ALL THE TIME. *laugh* Whenever I can’t find him, I can usually track him down there, eyes glued to her on the screen, kicking ass. I tease him about his “Rousey porn” addiction, but it’s really quite endearing – and says a lot about who he is – that his ‘fantasy girl’ is such a kick-ass woman. :)

  4. Hahaha, I loved her line about, “You know how to push my buttons”

    To be honest, I think every female athlete who competes in male dominated sports ends up dealing with those words on a near constant basis. I couldn’t tell you how many men I’ve dropped on their asses because they made similar comments.

    But I agree, I just can’t find the sympathy for cracked ribs.

    1. You’re so right: it’s nothing new.

      I keep thinking back to Bobby Riggs being a misogynist arsehole about female tennis players: then Billie Jean King kicked his arse. That was 1973 FFS: Sometimes it feels like we haven’t progressed much.


  5. We learned that in class. It’s actually not hard to do and with the leg sweep it is a great move for bringing down anyone who is bigger than you in size. So yes it also works great if you are female trying to bring down a man.


    1. It would be fun to try it out on someone bigger who is genuinely resisting.

      I assume in sparring that the trick is to NOT get yourself in a position where someone can do it.


  6. The guy will always remember that throw as “Ohhh My Goshi!” (Not to mention, “Oh my balls! and “Oh my ribs!”) Great move – she’s amazing!

    1. *laugh* I’ll bet you were genuinely pleased with yourself over that (for good reason :D): Nicely done.

      And she IS amazing!


  7. I love this, but I can’t help but think that I would be going straight to the chiropractor after doing that to someone.

    Simply amazing!


  8. The guy didn’t even know how to break a fall (so he’s basically not a trained fighter), he’s not a very big guy, or in the best shape, and she seems to have accidentally hurt him and to be less bloodthirsty than you. I think it’s obvious the whole thing was either scripted or a joke and its also rather sad he got hurt but I am glad that at least *unlike you* Ronda Roussey didn’t let her anger get the better of her – assuming she felt any at all.

    As far as your question: no, she couldn’t beat any regular male MMA fighter in any weight class class. Maybe an amateur. She simply doesn’t have the skill to overcome her speed and power disadvantage.

    Your example of Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs doesn’t prove much of a point either. Riggs was over 20 years older and out of shape to boot. That he was a sexist pig and I’m glad he was beaten is besides the point: to this day men and women don’t fight on level playing fields. Women do three sets, men do five yet women get paid the same. No one seriously believes the top female tennis players can take on the top male ones for the simple reason that there is a very observable difference in speed, strength, and endurance out there on the field. That’s the reason that Roussy will probably never fight a male MMA fighter, certainly not a heavyweight one.

    As far as your amusing video, here’s one that is amusing to me : loud mouthed woman boxer put in her place:

    1. I’m not sure how you missed the guy’s point, which was ” any untrained dude (like me, hurr hurr) could beat you because THE MENZ ARE STRONGER”.


    2. Well aren’t you a special snowflake.

      It may have recently changed, but when I was watching the UFC regularly, any match that wasn’t a championship match was a 3 round match. Rousey was just coming into the scene when I stopped watching regularly, and at that time her matches never even made it to the end of the first round. So I don’t know what a full length female championship match is. I suspect it is 5 rounds.

      As to whether she will be taking on the men? No idea. But I’d love to see her have a go!

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