Maybe kissing

I trawled OKCupid for men I felt moved to contact last week. I do that from time to time and I send a message if they look interesting.

There wasn’t a single profile that motivated me to send a note. Not one. Not even a ‘you aren’t a match for me but great profile/funny comment/cute photos’ kind of note.

I’m sure I’m not alone in having this experience. It’s one of the reasons I rarely actively look. I find it not just frustrating, but kind of depressing.

In the meantime, holy fuck beautiful eyes is back in the country next week. We hadn’t been in touch since our exchange about his interest in submission, but a quick back-and-forth shows there is still mutual curiosity and interest in getting together to see what’s what.

He wants conversation, but I’m still convinced that we are fundamentally incompatible and that no good can come of it. I suggested another kissing date before chitter chatter bursts the little bubble we’ve managed to keep relatively intact. I really don’t want to miss out on the chance to get more kissing from him. Kissing first. Talking later.

Mmmm… kissing.

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    1. Exactly. Once the bubble is burst, you are screwed, but not literally. Literally, you are unscrewed and unkissed. And probably a little bit sad.


  1. I concur. Kiss while the kissing is good. You have an eternity, after the kissing deteriorates, to screw up the relationship with words. (you, collectively… meaning “us” as mankind, Not you, the most awesome of Fernaliciousness!)
    Your fan

  2. Hmmmmm if you can’t come to agreement, maybe tell him you’ve begrudgingly agreed to talk to him over a beer first. But then abduct him in the parking lot and duct tape his mouth?? I’m sure he’d understand.

    Ohh wait… don’t forget to remove the duct tape once ready for kissing!

    1. Silly DC: There is no question that he will go along. If I use a gag it will be just for fun.

      Though yeah, gags + kissing tends to be a problem…


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