What I want with you is sweetness, throat aching softness, heart melting tenderness.

Skin-to-skin, warm against me (you are always warm), as much of you as I can get pressed to me, legs wrapped up together between and over, shifting to get more contact, to get closer, your arms around me, your fingers stroking my skin, I’m pulling you to me, petting your neck, your hair, holding your face to me, licking at your mouth, your lips, your tongue and holding back for once to taste you over and again as if each time is the first, rocking you against me, back and forth in a hypnotic gentle rhythm as I kiss you, skin sliding against skin, our bodies in synchronised motion, kissing, kissing, kissing.

You are the sweetness.

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  1. Goodness Sx you have gone soft and gooey!! smiles..Now was lovely to read of loving and longing!!
    xxxx regards b!!

  2. b: Soft and gooey? If you tell anyone, I will have to kill you *insert explicit death threats here…*

    You never really doubted it though, did you?


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