This kiss

“Kneel,” I say, and my stomach lurches with lust as you immediately drop to your knees, your hands still clasped behind your head.

I tilt your chin up, lean down and bring your mouth to me, touching your lips softly with mine, nudging your mouth open. I hold back a moan in my throat as you aggressively reach up for more, your tongue entering my mouth, and I return your kiss hard, pulling your mouth tighter against mine with a fist in your hair.

We stay there, locked in this never ending kiss that reaches straight into my core and twists it into knots, this kiss whose silent tongues speak of desperation and need and desire and oblivion, this kiss that makes me want to push you back onto the floor and fuck your mouth with my cunt right there, this kiss that I can’t bear to let go of, this kiss that makes me completely lost.

I pull away from you at long last and catch my breath, drinking in the sight of you, naked and kneeling and hard, your eyes on mine, your mouth slightly open, your lips soft and full, your breathing loud and deep. I touch your lips with my fingers and you close your eyes and open your mouth to me. Your automatic reaction makes my heart skip a beat, and I slip a finger into your waiting mouth and feel your lips close around it, a sucking, your tongue lapping at it. I feel you pulling my finger into your mouth and all I can think about is what went before, my head spinning with it, my mouth tingling with loss and want.

I reach down to you for more of the kiss. I have missed it in the few minutes I have been away from it and I sigh with pleasure when I guide your mouth back to mine and bring it back to life. This is one of the things you were born for, this kiss, this kiss that should go on forever, this kiss that makes everything in me flow like liquid, this kiss that offers me your soul through your mouth.

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  1. {stunned} This is genius. Just sheer poetic genius. You know, it continues to be a mystery to me how you manage to do this. Every time you write something that I think is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read, a week later you write something even more beautiful. I don’t know how you do this. But thank you for doing it.

  2. I don’t know how I missed this lovely post. Cuddling and kissing are the two things that I miss the most now that I’m single again, and this describes that feeling perfectly. Thank you for that!

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