I don’t want ‘play’, the pretty, the tools, the toys, the games, the amusement, the cute, the acts, the implements, the controlled, the measured give and take, the things.

I want violence, force and shoving and slapping and tearing at flesh and smashing you to the ground and not giving a fuck about you. I want fear and helplessness and tears and surrender and panic and animal lust. I want growling and screaming and grunting and gasping for breath. I want that fucking violence, that desperation, that grabbing selfish need, messy and passionate and out of control.

I miss it.

Where the fuck are you?

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  1. amusoman: It is unpredictable. Sometimes it can last for a week or more at some hyper level, hovering at or around a 'high' setting. Other times it is just a flash, peaking for an hour or so before it dissipates.

    It can be triggered and extended by what is going on with me, and I can often tie it into something concrete (helpless boy blinking up at me with big doe eyes… oh yeah!), but sometimes it is just completely random.


  2. Hi Sx…Thank you for your reply, If Bellaforte is your doppelganger than i am your yang to your ying!
    One reason i am so intrigued by you is our differences. Viva la difference as they say!
    i fear i am awfully bland when compared to you!!
    But less likey to be arrested ha ha!
    regards and resect, amusoman

  3. what about therapy, i dont really believe in it myself but maybe its what you need. what if you knife him one day?

  4. Anonymouses: I assume you have made your way here by way of some nasty linking accident, and have found yourself exposed to a relationship that you don't understand.

    If you genuinely wish to widen your view and become a little more educated, I suggest you start with the basics: BDSM


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