Convince me

Updated to add a hot little audio version I did for Girl On The Net’s amazing audio porn project: See link at the bottom of this post.

On the floor, hands cuffed, you are cowed, and hurt, and scared. And I am standing over you calling you a fucking bitch and a dirty slut and I have a strap-on that I am forcing into your mouth and down your throat, listening to you gag, with my hand on the back of your head to pull you further onto it, and I know it hurts your mouth, your throat and I hiss at you to look up at me while you choke around it and struggle to breathe and I shove it further down your throat and you try to look up into my face, and you are gagging and that pushes the base against my clit so I shove harder against you.

I pull your mouth off my cock so I can slap your face and I make you look up at me after each slap and say “Thank you Ma’am,” and I do it over and over until your cheek is bright red and you come back to me slower and slower, which makes me mad, your slowness, and makes me want to hit you harder, so I do, before I shove my cock back down your throat.

And you keep your mouth open for my cock, saliva running out of the corners because you can’t swallow and I am both shoving into you and pulling your head onto my cock.

“Look up at me, you filthy slut.”

And you do and I want to hit you more, all over, and hard.

So I shove you backwards away from me and you nearly fall over.

“Crawl and get me the fucking belt, bring it to me in your mouth, bitch.”

And you crawl on all fours and it makes me want to fuck you, watching you crawl.

You bring me the belt in your bruised mouth, your breathing is heavy, and you kneel up to me and wait. I know you want this, so I make you beg me to hurt you. Not some half arsed compliant begging because I say so, but real heartfelt begging and if it’s not convincing, we will stop right here boy, right now, so fucking beg.

You beg, over and over you beg for me please, please to hurt you. And it’s not good enough, so do it right, you need to convince me to do it.

I shove my cock into your mouth while you are begging, right down the back of your throat and hold your nose and stop there until you start to struggle to breathe. Then I pull out, and you gasp for air, sucking desperate breaths.

I say, “I don’t believe you boy, beg me.”

And you are trying to breathe and trying to beg and I do it again, shoving my cock into the back of your throat, holding your nose, struggle, release, beg me… and again, and again…

“I still don’t believe you boy, now beg me…”

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  1. Dear Sx,Ok…well I do have a massive erection from reading this….but at last i can point out a small error in continuity!!smiles.He has his hands cuffed behind his back but yet he crawls on all fours!!!Ok back to enjoying the violent and passionate eroticism with a 4th read through!!love it!! amusoman

  2. amusoman: “…a small error in continuity…”You are quite right, oh the shame! I have turned back time so now it is as if it never happened, I can do that you know…“…back to enjoying the violent and passionate eroticism with a 4th read through!!”Only four?Ferns

  3. john: More?! You want more? I assume you have read my entire blog from beginning to end before asking for more? No lying now, there will be a test.Ferns

  4. Jessica: “poor slaves.”

    I know, I am a big meanie!

    “do you love them or just use them?”

    I use him *because* I adore him. Dominating him is how I show that. Submitting is how he shows me that he adores me.

    I invite you to read more of my blog and make up your own mind about whether it is love or just using.


  5. I have been feeling extremely lonely these past three nights and somehow, in some strange way, reading the post made me feel less lonely tonight. Thank you for that.

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